How long do you think RG3 will last in the NFL?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by thenepatsrule, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. thenepatsrule

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    Dude is in his first year and is already banged up, he has been injured a lot and mind you he is 23 so his body heals faster. The hits will surely take a toll on his body and playing style when he gets older, See Vick for example.

    The redskins gave up two first round picks to get him, they should use a little bit of common sense in the way they handle him. If he felt he wouldnt be able to play today he should have approached his coach and should have said that "Listen coach i dont think i can lead this team to a victory today" what is he afraid of? that Cousins will end up taking his job like what happened in SF? i highly doubt it, Of all the rookie QBs drafted this year RG3 in my opinion is the most talented. But i am getting a little tired of his hero act.Same thing with Big BABY Ben, he falls down and winces after every down, but then he acts like a hero and comes to play on one leg and with a single arm functioning and then struggles to throw the ball 5 yards.

    Someone needs to tell RG3 that the redskins fans will forget him in a few years if he is done in a year or two in the league, No redskins fan will tell their children a decade down the line "Hey Mark we used to have a QB who was the bravest of them all, he would take a lot of hits and still come back to play on crutches". RG3 needs to use some common sense here, The redskins are a good team and i see them winning the NFC East if he stays healthy and the team plays the way they did this year.

    A friend of mine summed it up nicely

    "We lost today because our coach thought the kids pride was more important than a victory"
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  2. Brady_to_Moss

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    Re: How long do you think RG3 will last in NFL?

    not long if every year is like this and it will be unless he changes his style of play
  3. robbomango

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    Re: How long do you think RG3 will last in NFL?

    Big Ben is a melodramatic dbag and a sympathy whore, I wouldn't compare the 2.
  4. Sciz

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    Re: How long do you think RG3 will last in NFL?

    The problem with Griffin (and running QBs in general) is that they often have tons of success early in the season, but wear down and get hurt as the season goes on. Unfortunately, it's the games at the end of the season that really matter, and those are the games where these QBs aren't healthy. So while there's more interest in these dual threats than in recent years, I'm happy with a QB whose "mobility skills" only consist of avoiding pass rushers within a five by five yard box.
  5. CheeseMonkeys

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    Re: How long do you think RG3 will last in NFL?

    If I could Build a franchise around either Luck, Wilson, or RG3, I'd take Luck or Wilson. RG3 Is just too fragile and relys too much on his ability to scramble. He's a talented QB who will do good for that franchise if he can stay healthy.
  6. He won't last long if Shanahan is his coach. That was PATHETIC.
  7. TheBostonStraggler

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    The concept of a QB that can run at a high level but also operate a successful passing game is not new. I think Kordell Stewart started as the Steelers QB around 10 years ago. The college ranks have been producing plenty of QBs with these type skills for many years now. Yet they largely haven't caught on in the NFL. One reason for that, IMHO (my theory), has to do with the running itself. With pro coverage schemes so intricate and effective, the ability to operate a successful passing attack against the better competition of the NFL has a dependency on rhythm and a high repetition of doing it. A QB that has a high frequency of runs will likely miss those critical reps needed to not only operate a high yield passing attack but aid in taking his game to a higher level. A truth of the NFL, whatever you do in the NFL as a rookie probably needs to be markedly better in year 3 and year 4. Put another way, if you are doing in year 3 what you were doing in year 1, your success is probably waning (again, just a theory).

    Another reason, which the OP touched on, when you have large wrecking machines like Ray Lewis in the waiting, the amount of hits you accrue will effect your physical health -- especially considering the unique punishment QBs already take (standing in place, sometimes in vulnerable positions while blitzers hit you at high force, sometimes blind siding you). Even with the near coddling QBs are afforded by the NFL (which is a fact that will help RGIII to a degree), the unique punishment by big and ferocious defenders is going to be significant.
    RGIII is probably running the dual threat better than just about all others to date (in part) because of his sleeker size (also in part because he is also producing very well in the passing game). He is just about as agile as it comes for someone at the starting QB position. But the sleek size makes his future durability a very iffy thing (far too quickly if he doesn't learn to duck). Now a player like Cam Newton? His significantly greater size has a better shot at longer term durability. If he can elevate his passing game abilities and his team gets a defense? I like his chances better. But his passing game ability, his ability to protect the ball, ability to complete the third down throws at a solid frequency has got to be elevated. So far Cam Newton year 2 appears to equal Cam newton year 1.

    Disregarding the mediots belief that this is the skillset of all future QBs, I am not yet sold on the RGIII mold of QB. You have to appreciate the level of excitement a rookie! adds to the game yet has there been a QB of that mold that has put together more than a successful season? A bit early to declare this skill set the wave of the future given that the 4 arguably best teams in the league are manned by the drop back passer (Atl, GB, Den, NE). With that said, this skillset type QB is providing some success quickly, getting positive attention for the team, putting butts in the seats/people in front of the TV. With enormous pressure to win right now and the seemingly slower process to build a high caliber team around a drop back passer, IMHO there is going to be plenty of teams that go this route in the next few years. If I then see these teams have the high level success semi akin to the Patriots or GB or PM teams? I'll then believe the mediots (I dislike having to agree with the mediots on anything :D though).
  8. Claremonster

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  9. PatriotSeven

    PatriotSeven In the Starting Line-Up

    While I agree that if a QB sustains these types of injuries every year they won't last, there's no reason to jump to conclusions about this actually happening every year.

    Cam Newton is in year 2 and has been doing the same thing. Never even been dinged up. Russel Wilson has played all season. Not a scratch. Colin K's held up so far. Tebow's had broken ribs, but otherwise been ok too and he's more of a bruiser when it comes to running than RG3 is.

    RG3's injuries have been unfortunate, but it's too early to say this is the norm. Everyone suffers concussions, so I don't see his first injury a big deal. As for his second, flinging your legs in the air while diving to the ground....well that's not part of his "style". That's just a freak injury.
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  10. PATS16N0

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    All the praises for RG3 I once heard before, to the letter, for Michael Vick.
    RG3 will be done in 5 years.
  11. 1960Pats

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    I checked out the top ten mobile QBs and there were very few NFL titles on the list and none in the last few decades. There's a reason for that.

    IMHO all NFL QBs that run with the ball will eventually suffer the same fate as Griffin. It's just a matter of time.
  12. BennyBledsoe

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    And that list made me laugh, for anyone who'd use that example: Dan Marino is on it.

    Find me a quarterback who is JUST known for his running ability without having another superior passing game trait....that is successful...for a long time... and I'll tell you it'd be the first time.
  13. PatriotSeven

    PatriotSeven In the Starting Line-Up

    Honestly I think the #1 reason they really won't take over is because of the amount of credit and attention they get minimizing other prolific positions. The quarterback already gets credited enough as it is, but when you have a guy who scrambles, it takes even more away from your receivers and running backs.

    If I'm Adrian Peterson, I'd rather not play with RG3/Newton/Wilson. And if you do put him together with one of these guys, then all you're going to hear is "they have no receivers, who is he throwing the ball to?", etc.

    There's just room for more stars on a team with a pocket passer, imo. That's one thing I love about the Patriots. Every thread is not about Tom Brady. I love watching, crediting and talking about Wes, Gronk, Hernandez, Lloyd, Edelman, Woodhead, Ridely, etc and I'm very excited to see what a guy like Jeff Demps might do for us next year.
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  14. betterthanthealternative

    betterthanthealternative In the Starting Line-Up

    I hope he plays for well over a decade, and with success. As a DC resident, I've seen a lot of him on TV this year, and he struck me as one of the most emotionally and intellectually mature young men I'd ever seen. Generous with his time, not wrapped up in the hype about him, and gracious to interviewers, without being patronizing. The African American kids growing up in the tougher parts of this city will benefit from his presence and modeling.
  15. randomk1

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    He has to smarten up his game and protect himself more.

    Russell Wilson looks far better in that regard. He will throw the ball away, he will slide, he will run out of bounds before contact.

    Luck is another guy. He is doing his best rapistberger impression holding on to the ball and yet when the pressure finally gets there i've seen him make some bad decisions. Even in the Ravens game there could've been a few bad picks. Just throw the goddamn ball away when the play is dead and live to fight another day or down.
  16. Banjo

    Banjo Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    RG3 has the biggest upside of any player in the league. He just ran into some bad luck this season. Eventually, he will reach the postseason at 100% health and THEN... watch out!!
  17. RhodyPatriot

    RhodyPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    RGIII is a very smart young man. He has the skills to be a pocket passer and he'll figure out how to be a really effective QB without the running game being so prominent. As weird as it sounds, this knee injury (assuming it's not catastrophic of course) in his rookie season may be a blessing in disguise. It'll force him into thinking about how he can alter his game to better protect himself. Of course he also needs a coaching staff (Mike "Idiot" Shanahan) that helps him do that.

    Another QB who's taken a beating this season is Andrew Luck. Colts need some O line help. Yikes!!
  18. patsfanincleveland

    patsfanincleveland Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    This actually about sums it up.

    Vick still hasn't displayed RG III's pocket ability. Why anyone would get him hammered like that is hard to grasp.

    An interesting list would be "Top 10 old mobile QB's".
  19. MassPats38

    MassPats38 Supporter Supporter

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    Unlike Vick, the man can throw accurately. I agree losing some quickness may force him to adapt to a style that will keep him in the NFL for more years. If he keeps with his current style, he will not last long. He is not 260, like a Daunte Culpepper, with a body to take big hits in the NFL (for that matter, Culpepper, even with his size, got beaten down in a relatively short career and in his later years unsuccessfully tried to do what RGIII should do now, and that is become a pocket passer).
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  20. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    The scary part for this kid is he already tore that ACL. If in fact he's torn in again we're in new territory rehab and career wise. And considering he went for an MRI last night and we had results of his earlier MRI within hours...

    Novelties wear thin in a hurry in the Not For Long league. Defenses focus on ways to limit or eliminate them. And as an earlier poster said, if you are not improving in your first 3-4 seasons in this league you are losing ground and getting worse. Griffin appears to have some passing skill that some of the earlier versions were lacking. However, if he loses the threat his mobility poses schmatically he's going to have to aspire to TFB pocket passer levels in order to thrive or possibly even survive because the way defenses approach him will be dramatically different absent that threat to take off and run.
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