How excited are you guys about James Sanders ?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by TruthSeeker, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. TruthSeeker

    TruthSeeker Supporter Supporter

    I'm pretty excited. I keep hearing about him having a really good camp and being on the first team. Also I've read that not only has he gotten bigger, but faster too. The Pats secondary has an excellent future, Wilson is only 26, Samuel 25, Hobbs & Sanders are only 23, they are young AND talented. I'd love to have Rodney back there for the next 2 seasons just for veteran leadership, but I'm pretty psyched about our secondary, along with a pretty young and talented front 4. Now we just need to work on getting some young talented LB's, and this defense will be dangerous for years. Maybe it'll be addressed in next years draft ?
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  2. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot ------------- Supporter

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    I was excited when we drafted him. One of those players who had much potential but also much to learn and needed to get stonger. Who knows if he will be a Rodney type...but I think he'll be an excellant starter for many years...he has all the tools.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    The kid showed some punch in the goal line stand that got him hurt in Denver. An offseason with Woicik & Nash seems to have given him an extra step, I'm looking forward to Friday's test flight.
  4. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Same here. Friday can't come sooner.
  5. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal will be very interesting to see him at work, healthy and ready and with a rookie year under his belt.
  6. LloydBraun

    LloydBraun Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I like the fact that he has learned under Harrison and the fact that Harrison speaks highly of him.
  7. DB15

    DB15 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I love this
  8. shmessy

    shmessy Maude Staff Member Supporter

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    Following up on what Lloyd Braun just wrote, the "aha" moment for me regarding James Sanders came last year.

    At Rodney's "farewell until next year" press conference a week or two after his injury, many times he was asked about the secondary and its future. Rodney pointedly singled out James Sanders several times (and several times later in the press conference without being asked) about how special he thinks James Sanders is going to be.

    Up until that point, I had been moderately excited about this kid. However when our very own General Patton (who isn't one to gush over rookies) actually does gush about a rookie who plays his exact same position (SS), then one must take notice.
  9. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi Supporter

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    I want to see him on the field first. After Guss Scott and Dexter Reid I'm not going to get excited about a mid round Safety. Although Harrison bringing his name up last year when asked about Scott was an eyebrow raiser.
  10. patsfan13

    patsfan13 Hall of Fame Poster Supporter

    I have been wondering how much Wilson's move to CB had to do with Harrison's health and Sanders emergence. If Scott stays healthy, He hand Hawkins give us a very deep secondary.
  11. shmessy

    shmessy Maude Staff Member Supporter

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    Add to all this, BB had Sanders playing LB in the nickel defense last week. Sanders was a punishing hitter on ST's last year and will be a fan favorite in the next few years. Definitely the heir apparent in 2 years for Rodney (and that seems to be OK with Rodney - he respects the kid).
  12. Richter

    Richter In the Starting Line-Up

    He's one of my top 3 favorite young players on the team. I've been extremely high on him all off-season, I think he has a chance to be a playmaker and run-stopper from the SS position. His work ethic is excellent as well, and I was very pleased to see he was on the list of ironman award winners.

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