How does SD defend Seymour?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mgcolby, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. mgcolby

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    Seymour vs McNeil

    For all the Light vs Merriman talk, Koppen vs Williams no one seems to talk about Big Sey vs the rook. (I do realize McNeil has played well this year)

    How do you think the SD offense defends #93?
  2. lander

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    FWIW McNeil had problems against Jared Allen.
  3. tssd888

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    as a Charger fan I'm concerned about this matchup. McNeil has been excellent this year only allowing 2 sacks the entire season with 0 holding penalties. I believe both of those sacks were in the early part of the season as well.

    but Seymour is gonna be another story. My guess is that they will give McNeil the chance to face him 1 on 1 early in the game and then adjust and bring in more protection to that side if Seymour is giving him fits.
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  4. sieglo

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    I think the Pats also have a favorable match between Wilfork and the Charger's center, who is like 6'5" with a high center of gravity -- the kind of player Wilfork owns.
  5. -Chargerfan21

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    Nick Hardwick.
  6. SeanBruschi54

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    I'm telling you now as a real football fan. If you leave Seymour 1 on 1 with anyone hes going to beat you all day.

    Not being a homer. Im just telling you the facts.
  7. Remix 6

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    agreed. especially when hes trying and fired up

    he said Patriots will let Chargers do talking to media..because Patriots will do the talk on the field on Sunday

    when hes focused in..hes a tremendous force. he stops trying at times..doesnt go 100% every play but when he comes to play..its hard for Walter Jones to block him.

    Seymour seems focused for this weekend and hopefully like he said..he lets the play on the field talk for him and the Patriots
  8. SeanBruschi54

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    I dont believe the he wasnt trying part or gave up ala Manny Ramirez style. I think he was so hurt at some points in the game that it affected his play to the point where he sucked and couldnt do it.
  9. tssd888

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    then I guess if it that's obvious I'm sure the Chargers know about it too. So the question will then be more of how it affects the Chargers offense and the rest of their blocking scheme if they consistently have to assign help on Seymour.
  10. -Chargerfan21

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    Pancakes For All!!
  11. Remix 6

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    no .. i mean the hustle.

    like last week i saw him stop running after someone about twice. i know the injuries and all but its hustle to get to the ball at times that im talking about
  12. SeanBruschi54

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    Your best bet is to concentrate Mcneil and your guard directly onto Seymour at all times for pass protection If you have some other kind of run scheme then so be it. But for most game. Seymour and Warren have taken up at least 2 players each. Leaving Wilfork to make the play. Other times the opposing teams zeroed in on Wilfork and Seymour and placed 4 men against the two leaving Warren 1 on 1 who if you look at his stats had an all pro year and could have been arguably one of the top 5 DE's in the league.

    Its going to be fun to watch but the Patriots defensive line is the best in the leaguefor a 3-4 team.
  13. PlattsFan

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    This is the place where the Patriots can win the game. No way can that kid handle Seymour one-on-one now that Seymour is functional physically. And a tall center will have all kinds of problems with Wilfork.

    And, all due respect to big Richard, but that doesn't even cover the best D-lineman on the Pats this year, Ty Warren (a huge Pro Bowl snub if there ever was one). So, who gets doubled, and how can the guards get out to the second level to take on the LBs?

    The Chargers have a lot of talent, and LT is just an amazing football player, but they need to at least fight the big 3 of the Pats to a draw or they'll have problems. As long as TBC and Colvin can set good edges (the thing that Willie McG was *great* at), the Patriots may do a better job than most at containing Tomlinson. Then they can focus on Gates and see if the WRs can beat them.

    Gates will be tough to handle, though ... the main drawback of the Pats D right now is speed in the middle of the field.

    This is really a great matchup. These games are why I watch football.
  14. MrBigglesWorth

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    While they're worrying about Seymour, Warren is just as much a beast on that line and I see him disrupting as much as Seymour.
  15. Double G

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    What are we going to do after Sunday night when you leave here for good with your balls tucked between your legs haven't said one intelligent thing here all week, keep up the mediocre work, no wonder why Dolts fans are the laughing stock of the NFL; don't forget to let all the fraud fans out there know what time the game starts on Sunday AND YOUR SEASON ENDS...........
  16. RayClay

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    It's simple. They just double and triple team Seymour, allowing Warren to waltz in and decapitate Rivers.
  17. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    Banta-Cain needs to come up big against the run this week. He's essentially taking Vrabel's spot on the edge. The kid needs to comeup huge. I hope he doesn't overpursue.
  18. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    I'm sure Seymour could have sat out a number of games this year and didn't.

    I'm also sure when he's playing hurt he has instructions not to aggravate injuries in games that aren't crucial.

    quad, knee, ankle, elbow

    Just copy and pasted that little summary.

    Unless you know he's healthy and slacking, I think we can do without all the "easy chair" analysis.
  19. nickelbolt

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    Seymore will 'see more' of Brandon Manumaleuna than any other player on the Patriots' Defense. He's a 300lb blocking TE who can catch... not to mention his obvious contributions in the running game. So about the time Richard gets sick of being double teamed by McNeill and Manu... Rivers will sneak a little play action pass to Brandon and he'll rumble into the end zone.

    He's a weapon. Enjoy. :rocker:
  20. patsox23

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    Fair enough. Then enjoy Ty Warren taking Rivers' head off while you guys are focused on #93.

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