How do Pats fans think O'Brien will do with the Texans?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Texxx, Jan 1, 2014.

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    I always liked O'Brien when he was in NE and sort of felt like the Patriots offense ran the best when he was there. Of course that is very debatable as McDaniels has done very well too. O'Brien was my favorite candidate for the Texans and I'm pretty excited to see this ex Patriot HC come and coach this team.

    How do you guys feel he will do with the current roster he has? Obviously who his QB is will determine a lot of things, but do you guys think he will go after Mallard or draft a guy like Bortles perhaps? Bortles has a few comparisons to Brady from a come from behind drive in the clutch perspective and he played against O'Brien this season. I like both options personally.

    Do you guys feel like O'Brien can have a very quick turn around for this team similar to the Chiefs? I noticed a lot in here were saying that in the thread that talked about Kubiak being fired? With O'Brien being the new guy, what do you guys think?
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    To me O'Brien would have an excellent chance at a quick turnaround. There is enough talent on the roster, and options with the number one overall draft pick. Depending on what others may offer Houston could move down in the draft, still select a QB in the first round, and pick up additional draft pick(s). It's not as if he's trying to rebuild a team devoid of talent like the Jaguars, or has an owner trying to be the GM like in Dallas.

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