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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scouse Patriot, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Get with your current wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/bit on the side?

    Not with anyone at the moment, barely have time for myself lately but I got with my ex in high school. When I look back I was dumb, she gave me tons of signals and I really didn't take it too seriously as we were already good friends. It took an invitation to hers to help her with "Geography coursework" to make me aware of the fact she felt, err, that way.

    Funny enough, after little coursework was done that night, we both still got A's..
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    My story is a bit weird, my Highschool sweetheart left town (in 2001) to continue studying, I started hanging out with this guy whos sister kept asking me out to dance, drinks everytime we went out and ran into each other (i offered drinks and a dance too). We had great times together also I told her my stories about the sweetheart leaving, dont know if she felt sorry for me or wanted in on my whole deal so 6 years later got married and here we are!!! Its been great and would not change anything. Im glad life took away the sweetheart and gave me an amazing wife!

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