How could you not do the Lights out dance?

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  1. Fantasic4x50x54x59x55

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    Merriman Was all talk after all..ha

    He put on himself to be the loudest voice out of san diego, and basically challenged someone of the patriot orginazation to get in the media and exhange words, by constantly throwing little jabs at some of our players, not surprisinly, we took the high road and let them talk..Earlier He picked the jets over the pats at halftime, I can't aruge with that, Every man has his own opinion..but it could only add more fuel to the fire..
  2. Remix 6

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    funny haha. glad they enjoyed it but dont carry it over
  3. Bobs My Uncle

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    Not only are Merrimen, LT and Rivers losers but they are hypocrites and there is not much worse than being a hypocritical loser.
  4. Remix 6

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    forget LT for Merriman/Phillips quotes off bostonherald
  5. Fantasic4x50x54x59x55

    Fantasic4x50x54x59x55 Practice Squad Player

    Right on guys, I agree. It is pathetic that it came to this after such a good game. Sore Losers.

    Every man on that field has done something to purposely rub salt in the wound, especially when the big bad player is involved with such a scandal and still has the nerve to show up on T.V and semi bash-- the ideal orginazation of the NFL...

    and the fact that they DID get upset, makes it all the sweeter. On the playing field these men, are playing a kids game..and have fun doing it, atleast the pats do.

    so Next time your in some kind of competetion with a buddy and he talks a big game but comes up short...get to his house and lights out dance all over his new rug.
  6. Fantasic4x50x54x59x55

    Fantasic4x50x54x59x55 Practice Squad Player

    Immature athletes?..hahaha they sound like little girls...who DIDNT expect this..When we lose, we get mocked, people claim our dynasty is over, EVERYTIME..and what do we do? We take it on the chin, usually somebodys man's up and takes blame for it...

    what does every GREAT STAT-NO SUPERBOWL RING org. do? Point fingers, go down like sore losers, and try to stay in the spotlight when they are already gone...LT is a little girl forever now in my eyes, with a total low blow to Bill...but i wont deny his talent, he is a total beast..if you dont want people to rub the salt in the wound LT, MAN up, become the MAN of that team, take a pad-take notes from the pats...if someone acts stupid to the media..chew his ass out in the locker room...we were as humble as you guys were all week...

    ENOUGH said.. Bring on The Colts.
  7. NEPatriot

    NEPatriot Banned

    I just saw the LT press conference. Being at the game and watching Hobbs do the dance from the 35 yeard line, I sitll feel it wasn't called for. What would we say if some did the samething on the Pete Patriots? I'd expect a response. That said, calling the organization and BB classless was way off base.
  8. mykl

    mykl On the Roster

    From Merriman:

    “It was upsetting to see because they won three Super Bowls,” he said. “It’s like a guy on a fast break in basketball and dunking the ball and getting excited. You’ve won three Super Bowls. You don’t do that. That’s not showing any class at all.

    “I’ve been mocked the entire season, so that didn’t bother me. They just didn’t need to rub it in. I think (Tom) Brady tried to tell them to get back off the field, and they got a penalty. But bottom line: I was probably more disappointed in the loss. I can’t worry about them being immature athletes.”

    From Phillips:

    “They’re classless,” he said. “I promise, this is something I won’t forget. Every time I play New England, it’s a personal grudge. They should take it personal against me, because I’m going to take it personal against them. Don’t come into our locker room and talk about, ‘The lights being out now. You didn’t pay the bill.’ That’s very disrespectful. When we beat their head in in New England (last year, 41-17), we didn’t say nothing. We didn’t do nothing but compliment them.

    “We have class. And that’s how classless individuals act. But Shaun Phillips will have a personal grudge against them the rest of his career. If we would have beaten them, we would have taken our hats off to them and moved on.”

    I was particularly amused by Phillip's revisionist history. And particularly annoyed that the "journalist", Karen Guregian, didn't call him on it at all. All she did was agree with him. That's Boston media for ya!
  9. TheBostonStraggler

    TheBostonStraggler In the Starting Line-Up

    Have to agree, LT took a step down the respect scale with me by bringing BB into it. It was heat of the moment so it does need to be taken with a grain of salt. I thought ProJo had a good blurb............. " Merriman, nicknamed ``Lights Out,'' did a spasmodic dance to celebrate each of his NFL-high 17 sacks this season. Many of them, of course, came on the road, meaning Merriman oftentimes did his dance on someone else's home field ... an irony apparently lost on Tomlinson.
  10. DaBruinz

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    I'm trying to figure out which Patriots players actually took the time to walk to the San Diego lockerroom to start yelling "LIGHTS OUT" and all the other stuff Phillips claimed happened.

    Unless Qualcomm is different than every other football field, the visiting lockerroom is on the other side of the field. And, how would he know they said it if he was in HIS lockerroom
  11. mykl

    mykl On the Roster

    From what I understand, it was Colvin. Even he said something along the lines of (paraphrasing), "I did a lot of taunting after the game."
  12. JoeinIndy

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    my personal feelings on this topic are simple...

    It wasn't a classy move to taunt an opposing team after squeaking out a win based primarily on their miscues... I'll give LT and company that. Then again... it isn't very classy for Merriman to have a patented celebration he does when he gets a sack either. Fact is, emotions run high in those situations and often times people do things without thoroughly thinking them through.

    I've always viewed LT as a very classy individual and the best active NFL player, but class usually means not saying that you're classy. He did that, then got a jab in at Belichick.

    Class also means seeing something that you don't like, or view as disrespectful and being the bigger man and walking away from it. It doesn't mean trying to get in peoples faces and it definitely doesn't mean dragging it out for the media and ESPN hyenas to get get ahold of and turn into a bigger issue than it really is.

    If I were on that field myself I would have simply been thankful for the win because I think the Chargers lost the game more than the Patriots won. That's just me though, and I don't play pro football so I don't know how it feels to upset that team in that situation. Who knows what my reaction would have been.
  13. g-fresh

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    Even if I wasn't from Mass I would still love the Pat's because of stuff like this. There's never a hint of trash talking before the game, and they don't have any signiture dances or anything like that. Once they've beaten you and shown who really is the better team, then they slip in a few jabs on their way to the locker room. If you have a signature celebration move they like to do, you better not lose unless you're ready to see much fun it is when someone does it back at you.

    I loved it when they were all doing the flapping wings celebration in the superbowl against the Eagles, no one said a word about the Patriot's recievers leading up to that game. Who's nickname and dance was the topic of discussion by the media before this game? You guessed it. :)

    To tell you the truth, my respect for LT as a person dropped lot after his comments today. I didnt really have any respect for Shawn "it was a supplement, I swear" Merriman and hadnt heard anything from Phillips. If its alright to talk smack before the game, essentially call out the opposing team, spaz out like you're having a seisure any time you make anything resembling a play, and talk trash the whole game, then don't cry about class after you get beaten and have the tables on you.

    I don't know if I can handle the hilarity of Shawn Merriman talking about people lacking class though.
  14. pats-blue

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    Maybe he needs to talk to Wade Phillips about not saying nothing and review the tape from after that game. What a putz...think about what you are saying before so go putting your foot in your mouth with revisonist history like that. Look at your glass house before you cast stones rivers.
  15. BajaBolt

    BajaBolt Rookie

    Hey guys,

    If you have Tivo- rewatch the ending very carefully BEFORE you make a judgement against LT.

    The telecast was very deceiving on how the LT thing went down. The reason why he was slapping hands very quickly with Kevin Faulk is because he saw one of your players standing right on our emblem mocking Merriman with his Light's Out Dance. Remember when TO was with the niners and gloated on the star and that Dallas OL knocked him on his ass, well, even if I hate the cowboys, TO deserved to get his ass knocked. Somethings just cross the line of sportsmanship.

    LT was going straight for him and that player, whoever he was (LT's body was blocking the guy from the camera angle on the telecast), is lucky Reche Caldwell got in the way to greet LT. When LT was trying to get to this guy, Reche, being friends with LT, said, "You're better than that". That is why they were holding him back. Reche was basically saying that his own teammate was acting like a punk, but LT should take the high road. LT eventually peeled off. Now I might not agree with LT's comment about Belichick, but he had the right to be pissed and to tell that player to knock his crap off. Celebrate with some dignity.

    Enjoy the fact that you guys took care of business. It is a nice time to be a pats fan. Just remember how quickly fortunes can change and remember what it was like before 2001. Good luck in the next round and we'll see you next year for the grudge rematch.
  16. FirstAndGoal

    FirstAndGoal 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Here's the problem with that statement though. Why did LT have to call out Bill B? What did Bill have to do with anything? He basically called Bill B. classless for no reason. Even if he felt that way about him, it was pretty classless to say that without provocation.
  17. smg93

    smg93 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    I agree that calling out Belichick was a mistake. The gloating however should be toned down. I think acting like we've been there before, and we have been there 3 times already would have been better.

    It was a tough game, but it wasn't the superbowl. We, at the very least need to keep some of that emotion for the next game and if we win, the superbowl. Today was a great game, but we haven't received any trophies yet.
  18. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    And how do you think you all would react if we had lost a close game at our house and several of the opposing team went to the middle of the field and danced and taunted our fans. Would you say that it just part of the game, or would call them classless jerks?
  19. PatriotsReign

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    First of all, although I am a new member of the Patriots fan forums site, I have joined several "Opposing" teams sites over the course of the past year. I will state without a doubt, the Chargers fans are by far the most sensitive. I have never even been warned on the 7 or 8 other sites I have visited, but I have been "banned for life" from the Chargers site. They said it was for trolling, yet I never used schoolyard insults, profanity or insulted their fans or the city of San Diego.

    Last night I saw the were crying about the Patriots players doing the Merriman dance at the end of the game. I guess the felt it was ok if Merriman did it after he got all those sacks...."If" he had gotten all those sacks, but the Patriots were "classless" for giving it right back to them.

    They got upset with me for making a list of all the things boston & new england are known for...especially Clam Chowder. That really pissed them off!! why? I have nfi
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  20. patsfaninpa

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    Vrabel actually did a mini "Lights Out" after he sacked Rivers in the first quarter and forced a fumble. You can put me in the I wouldn't have done it. But, SD's reaction to it was worse than doing it. It sounds like the Charger players are saying. Hey, we're the only ones allowed to act like fools and show up the other team. Now that you did it to us. I'm going to cry!!!

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