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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by 12Brady, Mar 14, 2006.

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    Spend all this money . I thought they had really bad cap problems even with the newCBA. Making me sick to see them spend like crazy and we are doing nothing! :bricks: :bricks:
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    They are pro-rating all these signing bonuses over the length of the contracts. I think they can do it for five years under the new CBA. So if you give a 10 mil signing bonus, it only counts for 2 million against this year's cap. Basically they are re-doing the contracts of the free-agents they signed a few years ago, to make more cap room now, it will eventually lead to a load of "dead money" against their cap in a few years.

    Sooner or more likely later, they will have to pay the piper. If they didn't get a new CBA the Redskins would have been decimated this year, sooner or later, that is going to happen.
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    The Redskins have been doing the same thing every year for as long as I can remember. How far has it gotten them, by the way? Meanwhile, the Patriots are doing now exactly what they've done every year in this situation. How did you like THOSE results?

    Adam Schaefter on NFL Network had a good description of their approach last night. He called it 'credit card salary cap management', for the reasons outlined in the post above. His point was that, like with a credit card, you're buying now and putting off the payment until later. But pay you will.
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    Sometime in the near future (5 years), the Skins will be playing with a roster that can barely compete with the Amsterdam Admirals. Joe Gibbs will be at a retirement home by that time, though, so see if he cares.

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