How big was that Colts win over the Texans in week 17?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ivanvamp, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. ivanvamp

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    If the Texans had beaten the Colts, the seedings would have been this:

    1. Hou
    2. Den
    3. NE
    4. Bal
    5. Ind
    6. Cin

    First, it would have meant that NE wouldn't have had a bye. No extra week of rest. Turns out it didn't help Gronk (ugh), but it probably helped guys like Talib and Ninkovich.

    Second, it would have matched NE up with Cincy in the first round. NE obviously would have been favored, but Cincy's pass rush could have given NE fits and maybe there would have been a greater risk of an injury to Brady.

    Third, assuming NE beat Cincy, they would have had to face Denver in Denver. After watching them lose to Baltimore, maybe some folks here think that would have been a cakewalk. Not me. I think that would have been a very tough game for the Pats.

    And fourth, it probably would have meant a road trip to Houston. We know NE can beat Houston, obviously, but those games were in Foxboro. Probably a different story in their stadium with their crowd, etc. Again, NE could definitely have won that game, but it's a completely different situation playing on the road instead of hosting them at Gillette.

    So it meant NE having to play an extra game, and then likely having two road games to get to the Super Bowl. Now, they got the bye, and two home games.
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    Yeah I remember a couple weeks ago someone was saying the Pats only make the Superbowl when they have Bye Weeks.

    Well it turned out we did get a Bye week, and Home Field throughout the playoffs.
  3. signbabybrady

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    Based on the way the playoffs worked out so far I think that seeding very well could have wound up with us vs Balt at home anyway but big difference in the toll it would have taken to get there. I would think both us and Balt would have won and I think Balt beats Houston and I think we would have beat Denver.
  4. mayoclinic

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    We would have beat Cincinnati and Denver - neither was terribly impressive - and we'd either be hosting Baltimore (as we are now) if they'd beaten Houston, or we'd be going to Houston, where we would still beat them.

    A bye week and HFA is nice. But I don't believe this team would have been denied.
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