How bad is the AFC east

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    If it was not for the Pats, this AFC East divison could be the worst in history. Outside the pats - the division will be 2-15 within the next 30 minutes. Can anyone think of a division being this bad? Could the pats actually lock up a spot by week 10?
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    Yes they could. And I for one am glad that the Jets are on that list. Sweet. Very sweet. I have a soft spot for Buffalo, wish they had more to cheer about. They have great fans. Miami I could care less about. Just hope they don't make a statement this year against us. They seem to have that going for them. Like Denver, do they own us???
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    It's quite possible that the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins may only get 2-3 wins each. I dunno, though...since they all have to play each other twice this season, that may inflate the win total for at least one of those.
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