How are 2005 1st rounds picks doing

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    This article was posted in another thread in a slightly different context.

    It's interesting to begin to evaluate the 2005 1st round picks as to whether teams picked solid starting contributors. As has been commented on in past threads, 1st rounders turn out to be a fairly risky proposition. There are so many who never become every game starters not to mention busts. Perhaps something like 25 to 35 percent turn out to be solid players. That's quite a failure rate, and a costly salary cap hit for no results.

    That's what is impressive about Belichick and Pioli. They seem to be able to evalute players and not pick some that the pundits are so hyped about - and maybe even some that Pats fans are upset that they didn't take. And some that they pass up do turn out to be solid starters - it's just that they seem to really know which are risks that they avoid and which are going to turn out to be sure things. They don't waste 1st round picks.
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    That may already be happening this year too - my favorite, Manny Lawson, reportedly is having endurance problems and is irritating Mike Singletary with his inability to finish a workout as sharply as when he began. Sigh, good thing BB doesn't rely on my input for the draft (though I was a Mankins fan last year :D).
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    There may not be a single 1st round or high 2nd round LB or DE/LB 'tweener who isn't somewhat questionable ?? It appears that teams drafting them were drafting on 'need' and hopes rather than any of the player being a 'sure thing'.
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    Sooner or later...

    Whenever you are projecting a player to a different position the odds of success must be lower. That said the Patriots will have to decide what to do in next year's draft. There is literally very little room at the Inn. The Offense is thoroughly re-apholstered and very, very young. For two of the Defensive squads, DLs & DBs, the same holds pretty much true.

    That leaves the LBs. Belichick and Pioli have lived with Pats holdovers and imported a few stars in Colvin and Vrabel and a few aging stars in Phifer and Cox. They haven't drafted anyone real high. Will 2007 be the year?

    Incidentally, the Pats have ignored good LBs in FA Arrington, and some oldies in Farrior & Claiborne. Are the no-names turning out to be on the way to producing?

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