How about using David Thomas more now?

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    Since we are down to WRs that no other team in the league would even think of signing off the street (with some respect to ol' troy brown of course) - Do you think we should use David Thomas a bit more with Graham and Watson in the mix as well?

    I think Thomas has the potential talent to be like a Shockey or Clark if he is able to get out there more and add some pro experience. ..I seem to think he may have better hands then just about all our receivers right now which is not saying much at that.

    He is only a rookie but I can see some decent productivity with putting him in games more,I have not seem him in action lately and did not see him on the injury reports so I am not sure what is going on there.

    Chad Jackson seems to be a guy to watch in the future years-not this year...I think Thomas can contribute in the short passing game now - he has the hands and the size to be good although I don't think his speed is anything to speak of now but it could not hurt to get him in there more often..I like the guy and think with downs like 3rd and 5 or similar situations, he could be helpful,maybe even more sure handed then Ben Fumblin' Watson in key points of the game.
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    3 TE is still 3 TE. No. Now, if Watson misses a game or two I think Thomas could do a decent job replacing him.


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    I wish our offense was 'Hot and Juicy' like Wendy's theme right now:D
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    He was in there for 4-6 plays on Sunday.

    He replaced Watson and err...committed a false start penalty as the Pats were backed up against their own endzone on his first play. Brilliant.
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    Not likely unless you see Watson out for an extended period. I do like Thomas, though. Guy had glue hands at Texas.

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