How about Brian Iwuh?

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    He seems to be a bit of a 'tweener' but could be useful in the backfield or as a situational blitzer and on ST.

    Brian Iwuh
    S | (5'11", 226, 4.63) | COLORADO

    Strengths: Reads keys quickly, is aggressive and flashes the ability to make plays in the backfield. Shows good closing speed, plays with a mean streak and is a powerful open field tackler. Uses hands to protect legs, can slip blocks in space and gets through traffic quickly when pursuing to the outside. Plays with a non-stop motor, takes good angles to the ball and makes plays all over the field. Shows good burst coming out of cuts, can change directions quickly and shows good man-to-man cover skills. Rarely takes false steps and shows adequate range when asked to drop into zone coverage. Has adequate height, good leaping ability and can compete with bigger receivers for jump balls. Has good initial quickness, does an excellent job of anticipating the snap and can get to the quarter back quickly.

    Weaknesses: Lacks the size of an every-down linebacker and isn't fast enough to be an every-down safety. Gets engulfed at the point of attack at times and runs around blockers rather than stacking them up at the point of attack. Lacks ideal upper body strength and has problems shedding the block once the blocker has locked on. While has adequate range, doesn't have the second gear to recover once caught out of position and is vulnerable to getting beat deep when lined up at safety.

    Overall: Iwuh started two of the 11 games he appeared in during his true freshman season missing one game with a broken thumb in 2002. He started four games in 2003. Iwuh moved to linebacker and he started all 13 games there in 2004. He played in 11 games in 2005 recording 65 total tackles and 44 solo tackles. Iwuh also recorded three sacks and forced two fumbles. Iwuh isn't an ideal fit at either safety or linebacker so it's unlikely he ever becomes a fulltime starter in the NFL. However, he has the versatility to line up as a nickel linebacker and/or situational run-stuffing safety. He also has the athletic ability, burst and tenacity to make an immediate impact on special teams. A team willing to work with Iwuh as a developmental project should take a chance on him in the middle of Day 2..

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