How about a Dante appreciation thread ?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Oct 31, 2006.

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    "For the evening, Brady was sacked three times, but the Patriots' offensive line mostly held up well. New England started a rookie at right tackle, a right guard who only came off the practice squad two weeks ago and a second-year left guard. There may be no one in the NFL who does a better job of pulling together an offensive line unit, and who gets less publicity, than longtime Patriots assistant Dante Scarnecchia. Using so many formations with three or more wide receivers places a lot of pressure on the team's pass protection scheme, but the unit typically acquits itself well."
  2. p8ryts

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    Yes, I thought the MNF crew missed the point all night long. Billy Yates, 3rd string, and he must have been really good because we didn't hear his name all night long.

    I appreciated Mike Reiss saying there were no down's from last nights game while Tomase couldn't resist complaining about O'Callaghan. Those guys always need to complain. Reiss had it right.

    Dante should have been singled out. I think the whole coaching staff was short changed last niight. McDaniel, Brees, Seely and the position coaches didn't receive a single call out. It was all Brady and Belichick, not that they didn't deserve it, but Daboll must be doing something right with the receivers...

    Great game by Seau.
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    My wife displayed her deep football insight and said, "Dante's kinda hot. Looks good. Especially for an older guy."
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    All I heard all week long was that this Hutchinson guy was the best O-lineman in football. Did he do anything last night? Amazing. The Pats just beat the heck out of the vikings.
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    Kudos also to Billy Yates. With Neale and Russ H out, Yates' performance avoided a potential disaster.
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  6. Hoodie

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    And she is correct. Dante is a hottie. Please Brady says Dante called him a crazy M-F for calling that QB sneak. Gotta love him for that too.
  7. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    I have often felt that we have a blue collar group of linemen who play as well as they get coached that week. Dante can take these guys from the practice squad or from the waiver wire or from amateur wrestling and he can train them up to play good in superbowls.

    He seems to get the most out of players, regardless of their pedigree. And the team is able to run the O-Line on the cheap, with Matt Light and now Koppen being the only players earning good money.

    A lot of teams around the league would be in better financial shape if they had a Dante to keep a steady supply of blue collar linemen in the trenches.
  8. SVN

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    as i said in another thread, we should probably hand over marquise hill to dante and make him useful with the o line since he cant get on the field as a d lineman
  9. SamBam39

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    Dante is not under appreciated by BB, Kraft, or most knowledgable pats fans.

    Like all pats coaches, he'll never get national recognition because of the way the pats run their ship.

    it is my understanding that this is just fine with dante. he was here before BB.
    He's not going anywhere. he's not gonna be a head coach or look for more money. he's happy to stay right where he is doing what he loves to do. Good for him and good for us!
  10. mgteich

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    Dante will retire a patriot, probably being her longer than anyone in the history of the franchise.

    He is a miracle man. He did great with almost nothing. Now, with some talent, the OL is simply awesome, and dante still develops his PS specials like Yates.


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