home field advantage??

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    Do the Colts really have home field advantage for this game? Sure the dome will be loud but Colts fans are some of the worst fairweather and bandwagon fans alive. I know they are 9-0 at home this year but I am sure they remember the way the Steelers dominated them ate home in the playoffs last year. They even had the refs on their side and couldn't pull it out. Add that all together and throw in the Pats road record this year (8-1). Maybe being at home really isn't and advantage. And we all know how many times Brady has lost in a Dome! Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    #12 Jersey

    Indy at home : PF 237, PA 148, net +89, average win 30-19
    Pats on road : PF 220, PA 108, net +112, average win 28-14

    (Regular season only).

    Those numbers for the Patriots are amazing considering they include the 21-0 loss at Miami.
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    The advantage is the sound that they put through the speaker system along with the field itself. Their defense plays so much better on turf because it's such a fast surface. Freeney sucks on grass, but he is great on turf.
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    The short answer, yes. The dome helps the passing game, Addai, Freeney as well as Vinatieri. I do think that the Colts should be the favorite.
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    The colts play better at home. They would be expected play less well anywhere else, especially in a non-domed stadium.

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