Hollywood Wife Swappers and the CIA

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Leave No Doubt, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Lights, Camera… Covert Action: The Deep Politics of Hollywood

    Seems this incestuous relationship b/w Hollywood and the covert has been going on for quite sometime and continues today. I knew that a war movie had to be endorsed by the DOD in order to use any military equipment (Apocolypse Now did NOT get endorsed so Coppola had to use Phillipino helicopters, pilots, etc for his movie) but I didn't know just how let's-go-to-dinner-cozy the whole thing really was. Good read, I know I found some of my favorite movies noted in here :(
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    Yep - Hollywood products have been used for decades to condition the masses for many things to come.

    For example, all the crazy technology we see now, we saw them in 70's and 80's movies/tv shows like "Star Trek", "Tron", "6 Million Dollar Man", "Superman", the list goes on and on - that way, when they come to reality, the masses will have no problems accepting these agendas.

    Or in some cases, they would put their agendas in plots of comedies - ie, "Cheech and Chong" which centered around 2 LSD drug-induced hippies. The reality is that the CIA infiltrated alot of LSD into this country, however, when they included the LSD part in this movie, it was as if audiences just laughed it off like it was fiction, and moved on from there. Ditto "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" about 2 brain-dead high-schoolers - sadly, what we saw in this movie is almost exactly the state of our current public school systems.

    And, of course, all those 9/11 subliminal messages in movies, tv shows, and music for many years.

    Another thing - from what I understand too, the Council on Foreign Relations(among other shadow government groups) have also funded Hollywood movies with draconian agendas, "I am Legend" being one of them.

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