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Hindsight 20/20 Look At Iraq and Civil War

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by IcyPatriot, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Looking for opinion here ... not a thread I post to preach. Not looking for no war, or anti-Bush speeches...looking for strategic opinion if possible.

    IMO ... the single biggest blunder with the Iraq war was the decision to disband the military and the police...so, now I look back at that and solicit the opinion for 2 scenarios...neither of which was chosen by the Bush Administration.

    Plan A: BTW ---- I still believe this was the plan but was pulled off the table at the last second by Bush and Co. for reasons I hope someday we will know.

    There was much communication those 1st initial days...many Generals of Saddams Republican Guard deserted him .... there had to be a deal in place .... what was it and what happened?

    Was it Chalabi changing the deal?

    Was it a Bush ruse used to get in easily with the idea of staying long term?

    Plan B:
    Disband the police and military .... this was done.

    However, plant the seeds for a civil war...with a leaning towards the Sunni Triangle area. It would have saved many American lives while at the same time eliminating Saddam/family and Zarqawi, also making it hard for foreign terrorists to gain safe havens.

    I feel it was too easy for them to hide and plan when they were fighting us. They all would have been very busy running and hiding from each other. Making hurried plans resulting in many mistakes and also leaving their imprints of where they were operating.

    We could have gained much intelligence playing one side against the other.

    To be fair ... perhaps this was the plan except the Shia were too afraid to make moves. I tend to doubt this scenario and merely include it for the sake of argument. Showing partiality at that time would not have been the best decision.

    So .... 2 scenarios here with 1 major premise. Should Bush have factored in a small, hopefully contained civil war to get it over with right away and use it for intelligence to eliminate the terrorists???

    If not eliminate the terrorists at least cause a blow to the Fayahdeen, Republican Guard and loyalists from Tikrit and the Sunni Triangle. Perhaps Bush was afraid Iran would capitalize on a weakened Sunni ... but they had to be weakened as we see now in the cost of American lives and the $$$ cost of the war.


    Should we have made a deal right away?

    Should we have disbanded the military/police and fostered civil war then?

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