Hillary, I Salute You

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, May 21, 2008.

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    As much as I dislike the Clintons I have to hand it to old Pant Suit Hillary for standing her ground to all the Far Left media and the Politically Correct Obama Groupies who have been after her to surrender and go groveling and grinning to this f-cking Obama jerk.

    The Racist Black Community and their Army Of Slobbering Pandering White A$s Kissers who once pledged their undying loyalty and love to Hillary and have now turned on her like a cave full of Snakes and given poor old Pant Suit the biggest screwing any politician has ever had in this country has disgusted millions of Democrats and these democrats may do exactly what the Feminists are going to do, stay home or go Mccain.

    My hats off to you Hillary, you've got more balls than I ever gave you credit for, stay in there until they have to drag you out, show the Racist Bastards up for what they are, they told you they loved you for years then they stabbed you in the back and threw you aside like a dead cat in the street, stay and fight Hillary America loves an underdog who has been "Betrayed".

    I salute you Hillary, when it is over tell your goofy husband to stand up in front of the whole country and tell that fat pig Oprah and her Lip Sucking Pal Jessie Jackoff to go and F-ck Themselves and don't forget your great friend the Rat Bastard Richardson and all those White Mother F-ckers in the liberal media who fainted when the Prince Barack Hussein Obama blew his nose.

    Good Luck Hillary, your making them hang their heads in shame and it might just put Old Illegal Alien Mccain in the White House.


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    And in other news, this morning it's been reported that what was up is down, what was down is up, and toilets are circling in the opposite direction.
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    #61 Jersey

    Yeah, I noticed that the other night when I got home after a few too many. I had to race around the bathroom just to catch the damn thing.
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