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    the city that rhymes with fun! Actually, I'm not joking, it does rhyme ...

    I'm from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, which is about 2 hours North of the Canada/North Dakota/Minnesota border. I've been an NFL fan for probably close to 20 years now, although probably only a serious fan for about 15 years (after I played high school football). I originally liked the Seahawks, I think because I like the old hawk on the side of the helmet. From there I became a Dave Kreig fan and thus a Chiefs fan when he changed teams. Why I was such a fan of the QB with the record for most fumbles, I have no idea. :)

    Then in my first year of university I joined my first ever fantasy football team and managed to win it. The reason: Drew Bledsoe. That was '93/'94 so it was either his rookie year, or more likely his 2nd year. Anyway, since then I've been a committed fan, and even though T.F.B. is a U of M grad (which pains me to no end) I am not going to change teams again. :rocker:
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    #75 Jersey

    Welcome to the board. Do you go to OSU?
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    Haha, no. But I went to a private school with kids from out-of-province. One was raised in Michigan and all he talked about for four years was the Wolverines, so I came to hate that team. :)

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