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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by sugarpop3640, May 31, 2008.

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    I'm new here, too. I don't know if any you have read the thread on the main board about sending a local youth athlete to the ESPY's. If not, please take a look. My son, Craig, a 7th grader from Franklin, MA, is one of 5 nominees nationwide for the first Youth Achievement Award being given out in conjuction with the ESPY Awards this summer. National Youth Sports Orgnizations were asked to nominate youth athletes from their respective programs. The Franklin Chargers Pop Warner org. chose Craig. He answered 3 essay questions about sports, and went through a series of intensive phone interviews, before being selected as the finalist for Pop Warner nationally and the contestant to represent football. A film crew came to Franklin in April, to film Craig with his teammates, Dad and coaches. His Video Award Short is now posted on the website for the Award Contest. The public votes for their favorite.

    Our family loves the Pats as well as other local sports teams. I posted something on one of the boards hoping to raise awareness about this contest, and to let local sports fans know how they could help a local youth athlete receive national recognition. The support from members of this community and other Patriots bulletin boards has been overwhelming positive. If the response I've gotten is any indication, new members are going to love it here.

    If you'd like help, please watch his video and casti as many votes as you can for Craig at: www.espn.com/earnyourstripes or https://r.espn.go.com/espn/specialsection/kelloggs/

    You may vote once per day, per computer, now until June 15th.

    Craig's currently in 3rd place, but we've got 2 more weeks to make a difference. He's a great kid. Please help if you can, by voting and spreading the word to others. Thanks and welcome to the community.
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