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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Brsox04, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Brsox04

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    So, I finally joined up for this board, been lurking for a few months now.

    A little about myself:

    I was born and raised in Weymouth, MA and then moved to San Diego when I was 17. I now go to school at UC Riverside. I love all Boston teams, mainly Red Sox and Patriots. If I were to rank the teams in order, I would go: Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins.

    As one would imagine, its tough being a Boston fan in So-Cal with all these Lakers and Chargers fans (yeah, they really do HATE us... still salty about 2006 most likely).

    So, yeah, thats me. Hopefully the Pats bring me my first championship since moving out here :D
  2. jmt57

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    From Weymouth to UC Riverside? Couldn't have traveled much further and stay within the US unless you tried!

    Where did you grow up in Weymouth? In my youth (centuries ago) I played in a band :eek: at a couple of places in Weymouth that are shirley (insert Leslie Nielsen pun here, RIP) long gone.

    Good luck with those Charger fans, from the reports that have come back from Pats fans that attended games there I don't know if I would wear any NEP gear there.

  3. Brsox04

    Brsox04 Rookie

    Grew up on Route 18 in a condominium, about a mile from Abington.

    And yeah, I went to the Patriots @ Chargers game wearing my Brady uniform. Was a pretty interesting experience. I was extra-glad when we didnt complete the choke at the end. Leaving the stadium would have been the worst walk ever.

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