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    Alright, I guess this would be a good time to state my Patriots fandom history.

    I grew up a Cowboys fan, in the sense that my father was a Cowboys fan and therefore, so was I. Personally, I cared a lot more about baseball. Nolan Ryan and the Rangers were the bees' knees, even if they weren't very good in the standings.

    When Jerry Jones bought the team, even though they always won, I never got why my father would constantly support this team when he hated the owner.

    Well, along the same lines, I had read in Sports Illustrated about how Bob Kraft had saved the Patriots and was trying to turn them around. Between that, the hot new quarterback Drew Bledsoe, and the "coolest logo ever", the Flying Elvis, I started to follow New England, despite not being able to point out Foxboro on a map(in my defense I was like 11 and brought up in Texas public schools :) ).

    Well, in the many years followed, I've stayed with them through the good, the heartbreaking (I lived in Michigan in a school full of bandwagon Packers fans when we lost that Super Bowl), the amazing 3 wins, and it's been one hell of a journey.

    Along the way, my wife's first exposure to American football was through the Pats(she's from Buenos Aires, where we currently live) and she's become a diehard, and our first son is going to be named after Brady (although we've decided on Brady Thomas as his first/middle).

    So hello to all of my fellow Pats fans from here in the hot Southern Hemisphere, and Go Patriots!
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    Welcome. I hope everyone forgives you for your history with the Cowboys.:rolleyes:

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