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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Patsfanin Philly, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Patsfanin Philly

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    In case anyone has forgotten comments made last year....

    "It's just frustrating because I think we're the better team by far and the score doesn't show that,"Houshmandzadeh said after the game. "It shows that they're the better team by far and I don't think anyone believes that. They don't have anything we don't have other than three Super Bowls. It's sure not talent. Anyone can see that." T.J. Houshmandzadeh
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  2. ironwasp

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    The statement's so illogical and ridiculous it's barely worth making fun of. But I wonder how much this type of attitude influences the Bengals being the league's resident under-achievers. That and the fact that the defence stinks like a three week old bouillabaisse left in the sun.
  3. xmarkd400x

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    No kidding. Other than looks, Giselle, football knowhow, and athletic ability Tom Brady has nothing on me.
  4. Bella*chick

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    Well, if he believes that this year, he should be committed.

    I doubt he does, though.
  5. NYCPatsFan

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    And I think Palmer also made some comments right after his loss last year that he knows that they were a better team than ours etc.
  6. Patriot_in_NY

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    To be fair, when it comes to offensive talent levels, Carson, Ocho and TJ's talent is right up there in the league. Personally, I don't think it's quite in the same league as Brady/Moss/Welker & co,, or Manning/Harrison/Wayne/Clark, but lets face it, it's not all that far back.

    But we have this other little thing in football we have to consider as well. DEFENSE I think it's called :rolleyes: . You put that in the equation and it's over Johnny. No comparison.
  7. Fixit

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    One of them said something along the lines of, "They'd gladly swap their talent for ours."
  8. mtbykr

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    That's my favorite part; we're better, except for the 3 rings:rocker:
  9. FlyingElvis75

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    Hmm, sounds like something a certain Chargers running back would say. Oh wait, no, he said pretty much the exact opposite.
  10. DGameguy

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    TJ Whos yourdaddy is a punk. Chad Johnson is a much more likeable person.
  11. speakdogg

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    "...they dont have anything other than three superbowls...."

    This really made me laugh!!

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  12. spacecrime

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    Yeah, they are. Three differences:

    1. Performance in the clutch. Can they get the job done when the game is on the line. They cannot. They should be 0-3 except for a call negating a last-minute Todd HEap TD that Mike Perriera said was wrong.

    2. Ability to learn from past mistakes to get better. Pats get beat, and work to get better because they ackonwledge they were beaten on the field and if they don't get better it will happen again. As long as the Bengals believe that that are better than the team that beat them, they will believe that they should have won, and next time WILL win. They are the Chargers of hte Midwest.

    3. They believe what the press writes about them.
  13. patsox23

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    great points
  14. FrontSeven

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    I don't get why something a guy said a year ago is even remotely relevant. Those guys have had their butts whupped so many times that nothing they said last year counts.
  15. LiveShot

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    That asinine quote reminds me of another: "other than the unfortunate incident in the playhouse Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play?"
  16. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    An unintentional slap in the face of Marvin Lewis, but a slap nonetheless.

  17. Gunnails

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    There has to be something better then this to put on the bulletinn board.
  18. Denzera

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    See, this is where I part company with many Pats fans. The current 2007 Patriots team does not have ANY super bowl rings. The teams that won championships were different squads. They share a few players, even a few key players, but this is not like pre-Reserve Clause baseball where teams would keep their rosters consistent year-on-year for several years running.

    The "HOW MANY RINGZZZZ?" routine is what many of us hate about Yankees fans. In 2004, I might've said "the Red Sox are better than the Yankees, despite several key Yankees players having 4 rings". Why? Because the 2004 team was a whole lot better than those that played in the 90s when the Yankees were legitimately the best team in the league.

    Let's not be so quick to use "Rings" as a measure of team quality. It sure didn't matter vs the Colts last january.
  19. TomBrady'sGoat

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    I agree (10 chars).
  20. NEPat

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    I agree, a team isn't automatically better because of the number of championships the franchise has, or the number of rings on the team (although the Pats still have a good amount of the SB winning players remaining, who currently make up the veteran leadership-the team hasn't changed that much).

    But to make a comment like Houshmandzadeh made after getting beat on the field, that's pretty ridiculous. He was frustrated after the loss and made a silly statement, and looked like a sore loser.

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