Here's one reason Adalius may sign with the Pats...

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  1. Seneschal2

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    ...Bill Belichick. I know the following was reported before:

    But I wasn't aware of this:


    In addition to the obvious need the Pats have for his abilities, and how a defensive-minded coach like BB will put him in a position to succeed, perhaps Thomas believes Belichick has enough faith (and respect) in him as a person, to also become a team leader. With the long term concerns about two leaders in Rodney and Tedy, there will certainly be an opportunity for new leadership. For Adalius to sign here, something besides $$$ has to motivate him. I think the 'character' players know that what the Pats FO offers are intangibles. Similar to what the Pats seek in their players, some potential Pats seek the same, only from a players perspective.

    Meeting with BB at the Pro Bowl may have made a deep impression on Adalius Thomas. We can only hope his impression leads to donning a Pats uni...
  2. Seneschal2

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    Oh sure, I spend 20 mins writing a topic -- and look what happens! :D :rocker:
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    Start a thread on why the Bears may trade Briggs for a 3rd round pick. :)
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    LOL. Ironically, the last time I started a thread on why we would sign a top tier FA -- it was about Colvin. He signed that day. So I thought I'd try again. :)
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    I know I appreciate it.
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    Definitely. Losing the AFCC sucked, but one advantage it gave us is that Belichick got to interact with players from other teams. It allowed him to show the type of person that he really is rather than the robot that the media portrays.
  7. Crazy Patriot Guy

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    I remember that. I was up late surfing the net when I went to The picture on the Patriots team page had changed and though there was no article yet, the caption said that Colvin wasn't leaving until a deal was done. I instantly tried to come to the board and it was down. It was down for several days. That was rough.
  8. NEPat

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    Oh sure, Thomas can keep right on thinking Belichick is the nicest guy on the planet, right up until he puts on pads for his first practice :D

    Seriously though, I know money is almost always the most important thing, but if his Pro Bowl experience helps make up his mind to sign, then great. The Pro Bowl isn't totally useless after all.
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    Well, Senny, dear ol' buddy,
    some of those Jedi mental powers
    (distributed in another thread)
    ... seem to have rubbed off on you.

    Oh say, you don't handicap horse races, do you?
  10. Major **********

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    You know what's funny. When we signed Rosie and Harrison in the same day in 2003, KFFL was down for some reason IIRC.
    KFFL is down again today.


    I think not.
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    Well I know one of the jerk offs who runs that place hates the Patriots with a passion so it wouldn't surprise me.

    To hell with them . . . nice find on Thomas addressing the team, we need strong leadership up the middle, we should get that with Bru, Thomas and Rodney.
  12. Seneschal2

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    You mention, it was Tom Curran who broke the story of why Colvin would sign, and coincidentally tied into the thread I started. Here's how it went down:

    On that other forum, my name was VT -- here was the thread title and content:


    Here's what one of the posters wrote:

    Here was Curran's response:
    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]

    Hey, this was fun -- thanks for the memories. :singing:

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