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    The RFA signing period ends the 22nd (a week before the draft). In the past the Pats have made RFA offers right before the end of the signing period.

    Here are a couple of guys who are real far under the radar, but who I wouldn't mind seeing play for the Pats:

    TE Zach Hilton - NO

    Hilton has been primarily a backup for the Saints, but came on in the 2nd half of last year when he got to start 6 games. A huge target (6'-8", 268#) with great hands, he caught 32 passes for 373 yards and a TD over the last 8 games of last season. He isn't fast, but is a huge target who can work the middle and will catch anything near him.

    Granted, TE may not be as big a need position, but the Pats are likely to go with multiple TE sets a lot next year (given what the WR corps looks like) and Hilton also provides some insurance should Dan Graham decide to test FA. I thought this kid looked like an emerging player down the stretch last season.

    Hilton was tendered at the low level and would require not compensation if signed, although the Saints maintain the right to match any offer.

    LB Scott Shanle - DAL

    Dallas picked Shanle up off waivers from the Rams a couple years ago and he proved to be a ST demon. The former Nebraska LB got to play some regular defense last year and his speed proved helpful to Dallas as a nickel LB. Parcells really likes the kid, who is the kind of high-effort/high motor player who has made himself an NFL player.

    I think this kid would be a good replacement for Chatham, a ST demon who is versatile and willing to work. Dallas tendered him at the low level and he carries a 7th round pick as compensation, while Dallas retains the right to match.

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