Heres a video of Big Play Chad and Reche Caldwell

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    Its a video i made of Big Play Chad Jackson and Reche Caldwell back when they played for my gators. I threw this together real quick so i hope you guys enjoy the clips.

    Hope Chad has a good career for New England and Reche does better now that he is playing for Brady.

    Go Gators!
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  2. maverick4

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    Nice clip, thanks for posting.

    I wish Caldwell would use his hands more / extend his arms better, but he looked decent.

    On the other hand, those clips of Chad Jackson do nothing to question my belief that he is the next Jerry Rice to Tom Brady's Joe Montana impression.

  3. VJCPatriot

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    Nice clips. Just have to remind myself that all highlight clips are supposed to make a guy look good. :) Still pretty exciting stuff. So I take it you are going to be rooting for the Pats from now on?

  4. I'm a Raiders fan myself(I know) but i pull for the Bears and now the patriots because they've added some Gators(unless of course your playing my raiders). I wish the raiders would clean up their organization and run a place like New England, i don't really care for the thug mentality of the raiders, but they are my home team so i pull for them.

    But yes i will pull for the patriots. I hope Reche does well for you guys, I first started like Florida Football when he started playing for us.
  5. arrellbee

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    Aw, shucks. Oh well, come by often and keep us from getting too unrealistic. Thanks much for the video clip. We can't wait to see how these guys work out with Brady and the Pats. Not to mention we have our fingers crossed.
  6. arrellbee

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    Chad Jackson really looks fast. And he really looks like he can run after the catch. Hope hope hope that this translates to the NFL.

    At least in the highlights, Caldwell looks like he is able to pull in the balls. Doesn't appear as fast or as good at YAC as Jackson.
  7. broadwayjoe

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    Thanks for the clips and I like your name because I'm a big fan of Chris Leak as well I just hate to see them try that option play with him I guess I'm not a fan of Pocket passers trying to run the option I think it s a wasted play.
  8. TruthSeeker

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    Yeah, I was impressed by Chris Leak in those videos as well as Jackson. I'd be shocked if Jackson doesn't become AT LEAST as good as Givens. Caldwell looked really fast, and hopefully he hasn't lost too much speed after the knee injury. I don't know about you guys, but didn't Jackson look much bigger in those videos than Caldwell ? Yet Caldwell is listed as 6'0" 215 and Jackson 6'1" 213. Maybe it's the number, 8 is way tighter than 13 (that's for you tight fans).
  9. holyredeemer

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    Not only was it a great video, but I must say this. Your choice of music is unbelievable. The great COHEED! Great choice of tunes and thanx for the video.
  10. ChargerTom

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    Hey, Charger fan here. To answer your question, Caldwell used to be quite a bit lighter but the last couple of years he really worked hard and gained some weight. He also spent a lot of time catching balls and became much better catching with his hands. I was sorry to see him go...I think he'll do quite well for you guys (as long as he avoids fumbling at inopportune times).
  11. State

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    Caldwell is a threat deep, but CJ appears to have the definite ability to be a big-time receiver. It may take a year or two, but there is the whole package with young Mr. Jackson. He certainly appears more of a runner after the catch, being a more physical specimen.

    These guys are going to make Troy Brown look slow and small. I'm not talking about heart, guys.

    With these guys and our outstanding TEs, I'm not worried about the passing game...IF we can get a running game going.

    Ah, Laurence Maroney will be NFL rookie of the year.
  12. Sundayjack

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    My Jets are presently rebuilding, and I have to say, I really do wish we took Chad Jackson. That kid looks every bit the part of a number one receiver. Deion Branch should be hustling his ass back to camp before his value to the Patriots dips further.
  13. I dont know about in the NFL, but in college Chad was a deep threat, his sophmore year he averaged like 21 yards a catch and he got his nick name Big play Chad his sophmore year(2004). When Urban came here he made Chad more of a slot reciever and Chad caught alot of the short crap which is why people say he isn't a deep threat. Chad is a bigger guy then Reche was and the uniform Chad on was a smaller and tighter uniform then what Reche wore. I dont know if you guys follow college ball much, but the uniform is the same style as the Miami Hurricanes(tight and small).

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