Herald/Felger/Foxsports.com - Bruschi will be ready for opener

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    According to Foxsports.com national football writer John Czarnecki, Tedy Bruschi will be ready for opening day Sept. 10 against Buffalo. While some doctors have said the scaphoid bone that Bruschi broke early in training camp is delicate, Czarnecki reported that Bruschi will simply wear a cast over his wrist if the bone is not fully healed. . . .
    Not sure where this guy (Czarnecki)got his info from and am surprised Felger repeated it since he had led the "8 weeks at minimum" band. I found this on his blog from August 15th:
    Bet on Bruschi

    The word with the Patriots is that linebacker Tedy Bruschi will definitely play in the season opener against Buffalo. He will simply tape up the cast on his broken wrist. Bruschi broke the scaphoid, a peanut-sized bone under the thumb.
    Again it seems wierd for Felger to be bringing it up now.
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  2. F0nSY

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    This new is important, we recovered to one of our better players.
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  3. BionicPatriot

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    Beautiful. Absofrigginlutely beautiful.

    God...If this squad can just stay healthy..If we can just stay healthy. I'm so jacked man, let the season start today!!!
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    I would love for Tedy to be back.It doesnt seem out of the question.He is a hard worker,And Im sure he takes the rehab just as serious.Hope this Thread has some truth to it.
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    I have a really difficult time believing this. If Bruschi played outside or was a db, maybe, but he has to use his hands rather agressively to play his position, especially on running plays, taking on blockers, etc. Six weeks on a broken bone, and that's with no complications or setbacks. I really hope he is ready, but I hope he doesn't rush it either. I say he comes back week 3 at the earliest.
  6. Hoodie

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    Didn't McGinest play with a broken hand last year? Just tape it up and use it as a club.
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    I agree...we have one more preseason game and then Buffalo and NY. We should be able to get by those guys w/out Bruschi...even if we lost one, it's not like we are going to be in a "head to head" tiebreaker with any of those teams.

    IMO, the Denver game has to be a "Statment" game...don't know about any one else...but I'm going to be pretty po'ed if Denver comes into Gillette and spanks us like they did last year. I know BB preaches about winning games after thanksgiving..but things should start shaking out by the Denver game.
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    He did, but I think playing on the outside is a bit different than the inside. You are rushing the passer more on the outside and don't have to engage offensive lineman as much as the inside guys do on running plays. I believe that the outside LBs go into coverage more often as well when TEs split out, etc. In my limited, non-expert opinion it just looks like playing on the inside with a cast would be a lot more difficult.
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    Maybe i'm in the minority here but when I heard Tedy had a broken wrist I never really doubted it for more than a second. He will play.
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    I don't have the feeling after the Seau signing that we need to get Tedy in as soon as possible. Not to say that it wouldn't be good to see him back, but I'd rather have him sit out one or two weeks to make sure that he is completely healthy because it seems as if a Vrable/Seau combination at ILB will do the job just fine for those couple weeks till Tedy gets back.

    No need to rush people back from injury at the very beginning of the season. It may just be detrimental to the team in the middle and end of the season.
  11. SWelker

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    Great news.. I always felt like Tedy wouldn't miss a game with this injury anyways.

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