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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by TB12FAN, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Hey all - I just registered as a way to vent out some anger. I live in Indianapolis and I am taking some heat. I have lived in Indy for 11 years now and I have NEVER been a Colts fan...however Tom Brady turned me onto football and now I am a loyal Pats fan and have been for 4 years following them closely.

    I wear my Brady jersey proud to work every Friday (casual jean Friday) in support of my team and today I was told I was not allowed to wear it to work on this Friday - singled out.

    Any lawyers out there - just curious if this in fact is something they can enforce.

    Signed, I wish I had a huge cut out of Tom Brady for me office :D
  2. milwaukeebeers44

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    Try showing them this article:

    But yes, I'd assume that if others are allowed to wear jerseys (say, Manning) then you should be allowed to wear your Brady. If anyone says otherwise, contact your Equal Employment Opportunity officer and file a complaint!
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    Thank you Milwaukeebeers 44. I appreciate you taking the time to respond and to forward this article. I will keep this in my back pocket for sure.

    Let's hope the Patriots are in sync on Sunday, because boy would this be a great win!
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    #75 Jersey

    OK. Here is the deal having worked in "risk management" for many years. Your employers have to provide a safe work envirioment. You happen to work in Indy and emotions run high for these games.

    I think that your employers are right in asking you not to wear the jersey. MAYBE legally you have a "right" to wear it. But, if it causes trouble and could lead to a hostile situation your employers have a duty to take measures to prevent.

    You can push the issue and have everyone be banned from wearing any type of football jersey or other team apparel. This will not make you popular with your co-workers and could lead to hostilities.

    Once again you work in Indy. Let them have their day and smile a bear it. You'll have your day on Monday. Everyone will know what that sh!t eating grin on your face is about.

    That is my advise.
  5. He Ban Me

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    I guess the **** eating grin just turned to ****, now, not only do we have our day, we have our year!

    IMO, I think you are correct otherwise. This person
    probably had the "right", but it may not have been in the everyones best interest. I am surprised though, Indy is generally pretty tolerant of opposing fans.
  6. I applaud you for your bravery, I live in Tampa (Grew up in Mass) and I have season Bucs Tickets, I wasn't sure if I was going to wear my Brady shirt at the pre season game but you changed my mind go PATRIOTS.
  7. He Ban Me

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    Class my ass. Two rights don't make a wrong. Celebrating like they did in San Diego, regardless of circumstances, was NOT classy.

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