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    My name is Joe. Been a fan since I was 3 years old back in 77. Have always loved the team, even more so back in the days when we were considered a laughing stock of the league. Loved the 80s teams of Grogan, Mosi, Morgan, Cedric Jones, Craig James, Tippett, Clayborn, Lippett, Blackmon, Tom Ramsey, and of course Hog Hannah, Irving Fryar, Bruce Armstrong, Steve Nelson, Lyn Dawson, and many others.

    My one pet peeve that I wonder if anyone else has is this guy Paul Perillo, How can he write for and be employed by the Patriots when he is so anti-Patriot just for the sake of being anti-Patriot. The guy is a joke.
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    Looking forward to hearing the perspective from a longtime fan such as yourself.

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