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    Hello, glad to be here. I am a Boston native, and followed the Patriots since I was a kid, which puts me in the barely Plunkett-mostly Grogan era. Loved those late 70's teams and Ben Dreith is a name I will never, ever forget. Bad man! I am more fond of the 70's Patriot logo than this new one, but it has grown on me.

    I like the Red Sox of course but am not really much of a baseball fan. I don't like the fan profile of the Sox or maybe baseball in general --- way too many kids and people who look like they just caught the game on a lark decision going out the door of Neiman-Marcus or something. Great for a family event, but not my cup of tea. I like football, plain and simple.

    Liked the Celtics in the Bird era, but not since (until possibly this season with the new additions, let's see). Still, the 80's were special.

    I was embarrassed for our team in the Bears superbowl - now did Ditka run up the score like we are accused of? Who cares. They got crushed.

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