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    Well after about a year on the site and reading what u guys been writing and the funny things that i have come across, i decided to just join and humor wit u guys while also posting what i also think about the time... Well i have been a Patriots fan for about 9 years... I really didn't follow football but got into it after i bet a friend that the Patriots would win the superbowl against the Rams... After i won the 100 bucks, I went overseas to serve for my country... I really couldn't follow the game cause of the crazy schedule i had... Once i got back home, thats when i really started watchin and enjoyin the sport... Alot of people might call me a bandwagon (no idea y if i never followed football up until the 1st quarter of the Patriots and Rams game)...
    Im from Jersey, I know can u believe it... I have to deal wit my brother who's a Giants fan and my cousin who is a Jets fan and my other cousin who's a Cowboys fan... Well just wanted to finally say hii to all...
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    Glad to have you aboard, enjoy the talk.


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