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    Started this membership awhile back....just never had any time to get involved, had to much going on at the time...now things have slowed down a bit so hopefully will have more time to hang out. Anyway...longtime Patriots fan here from the 70s...that's when I first got involved and started watching football at large....been a fan of the 49ers for just as long...got to liking a team from each Conference and still going with both of them! Long time Dream match-up for me is The Patriots and 49ers in the Super Bowl! Anyway after all the dry years of not winning and no playoffs I'm pretty content now with the 3 Championships in the bag....not that I'd turn down another though, and I feel pretty optimistic about the direction we are going right now...and hopefully it will continue to grow! Well enough for now ...just wanted to drop in and say hello and introduce myself....hope to meet some great fans here!

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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the board.

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