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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by MarlboroMan, Mar 11, 2007.

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    I am an avid football fan and Saints fan, coming to you from www.saintsreport.com. I am here to ask if we can enlist the help of one of your mods and the members of this board to participate in something we are trying to get started called the first annual "FANS MOCK DRAFT".

    Here's how it works. Each board that participates will have a mod take a poll of the boards members over the course of one day which will be at their pick in rounds 1 thru 7. Example: Day 1- Raiders "ON THE CLOCK". The Raiders board members will have one day to take a poll by a mod for a consensus pick for the first overall pick and the mod will come to our board and post the result which will be posted on a sticky on our board so that all teams members can see who has been selected. After the Raiders have posted their pick, the Detroit Lions will be "ON THE CLOCK" and have one day to run their poll and post it at our site and so on. Each team will have it's picks where they currently are and there will be no trades. Notes will be made if trades are made later, but the picks will not change for this mock.

    We think the the fans of each team know their teams better than the sportscasters and will make for a more accurate mock draft, and will be a lot of fun. We hope you and your members will participate. If you are interested, please PM me.

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    Welcome, MM. Check the place out while you are here. Perhaps you could repost your request in our draft forum. We have many draftniks there who may want to participate. Perhaps even in a war room scenario, with one of them reporting to the Mod of this interleague draft....
  3. MarlboroMan

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    I'm not versed enough here at your forum to do that but if you could that would be much appreciated. Also we are just putting this idea together and we would welcome any suggestions that would make the experience even better.
  4. shirtsleeve

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    Consider it done. Enoy your stay.
  5. Howdy all y'alls. Aye'm excited to be here. :woohoo: Ya know, sometimes, I crack myself UP! My Admiral - Her Royal Highness: 'The Beach Princess' and aye are taking up space and bandwidth in upstate Florida on the right coast of the good old USA in a small town aka "Mayberry by the sea". Satelite NFL TV package, please don't fail me now. Aye have no desire to miss a New England Patriots anything.

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