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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by benaboo, Nov 11, 2010.

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    Hey there! Just wanted to say hello... I've been a die-hard Bruins fan since I was a kid (brought up in NH), but somehow never got into football, if you can imagine. I'm almost 42 and over the last few years have come to realize how awesome football is, to the point where I'm studying up on it as much as I can, and loving the drama and the importance of each game. Learning a lot about Patriots history too... I've been vaguely following the team for years, but this summer the tree blocking my view of the DirecTV satellites fell down, I was able to ditch cable, and I'm finding myself watching way more Sunday Ticket than Center Ice. I'm addicted. It's bad.

    Unfortunately, I'm in NY, surrounded by Jets, Islanders and Rangers fans, but thanks to Patriots Football Weekly, the podcasts, WEEI for Android, and DirecTV, I'm able to keep up on New England sports!

    I know I'm late to the party, but I'm on board for better or worse now... :)


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    DirecTV for out of town fans is incredible. You're probably wishing you cut that tree down years ago.

    So where abouts are you on LI? I have friends in Medfield (I think that's the name of town), sort of middle LI on the CT side. Many years ago I can remember going to Hampton Bays in the summer, long before it became the hot spot for the rich and famous.
  3. benaboo

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    I was half hoping that it would come down only so I could get Center Ice in HD. Cablevision is terrible. Doesn't offer the HD channels with the package, so you pay but are missing two channels.

    Tree fell down at 2am on Mother's Day. Well, half of it fell down. Ripped in half. Luckily, the half that fell went into the yard. The other half would've landed on the house.

    But yeah, I'm so stoked it's not even funny. Last year I was watching Pats games on the internet P2P in pixelated slow-motion. Having the games every week in HD is just killer. I was debating paying all that cash for Sunday Ticket, especially when so many Pats games are national, but when DirecTV offered free 5-months of TV when you buy Sunday Ticket, it was a no brainer and I signed up immediately. Now I'm hooked and will be ordering it every year, no question. If anything has to go, it will be Center Ice. :)

    Only thing that sucks is they actually BLACK OUT Pats Football Weekly and NE Tailgate on CSNNE here.

    You might mean Medford? It's about middle-island. That's one town over from me, oddly enough. Right next door! The Hamptons are almost an hour from me I think... Only been there a couple times. Too rich for my blood, and crowded as hell in the summer. :)

    Thanks for the welcome!
  4. jmt57

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    Medford, yeah, that must be it. Visited them a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Hamptons is way too rich for me to even consider when I do get up that way. My teenage daughters watch reality TV and I tell them I used to go there in the summer and they think I'm full of BS. That was early 70's, obviously much has changed.

    Anyways, jump right in, the water's fine ...
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    I know your pain-- I live in Pittsburgh and am surrounded by Steelers fans.
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    welcome to the forums

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