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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by stoertebeker, Dec 7, 2009.

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    hi guys, my name is Bjoern, I live in germany, in the hometown of Sebastian Vollmer in Kaarst. I'm a Patriots-Fan since 2000. Next year my wife and i will travel to Boston and watch a game in Foxborough. I'm also a member of the official German Pats Club. I work as a insurance seller in Düsseldorf. A few years ago i establiched the first Hamburg Sea Devils Fanclub. The Sea Devils won the last Worldbowl 2 years ago in the NFL Europe.
    feel free to contact me via ICQ.

    Greetz Bjoer
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    Your countryman Sebastian Vollmer is a STUD and he was my favorite talent pick of this last draft. Do you live near Dooseldorf or Kaarst by any chance??

    Vollmer is a STUD:)
  3. HarkDawg

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    lol.... location Kaarst...

    imagine that. Even on your profile!!!!!:)
  4. HarkDawg

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    since ironically you are from Kaarst Germany......

    How is Vollmer viewed in the Fatherland? Was he a known man in Germany or did that phony (futbol/ soccer) world , undermine his achievements? I am glad he decided to play a real sport......

    random..... did you know of him before he played in the NCAA for Houston and most recently professionally for the New England Patriot's?

    - How do ppl in Kaarst see him as an athlete and view him as an NFL player? Is he idolized or what?

    I added you to my buddy list..... we should talk sometime.

    I am interested.

    It is good to see you representing a damn good American Football player from your town(city)/ area and COUNTRY. :)

    - mad props
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  5. Tim3058

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    sounds like a troll....
  6. stoertebeker

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    well sebastian is not really recognized here in germany, only some local newspapers write about his story untiol now. the german football association, the afvd invited him next year when the national teams of germany and japan play against each other. but he wont play for germany he is only a "little" star who is needed for advertising for this game. footballfans in germany hope that he could be the "nowitzki" for german football. they hope that football becomes more popular.
    the problem we have here in germany is that football is not popular so the german football league(first league) is filled with guys who play football only for a hobby not for earning some money. only some teams have some players from the us or other countries which get payed for playing football.
    sowe have to watch football on tv or 1 game every year in london. after the end of the nfl- europe is that the only way - unfortunately.

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