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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by fwhite, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. fwhite

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    I am a graduate student and am working on my thesis, which is on the determinants of participation in online communities.

    To research this topic, I must read an unspecified number of posts over about a couple of weeks so as to determine which factors influence posting.

    Having been born and raised just north of Boston, I've been a Pats fan all my life. So, when the opportunity arose to combine a passion of mine (i.e. the Patriots) with work (i.e. my thesis), I couldn't pass i up.

    For this reason, and the fact that this is the best Patriots forum on the Internet, I've decided to conduct my research on this community.

    In short, I will be observing some posts over the next couple of weeks and figured it would be appropriate to inform everybody of my intentions.

    To conclude, I would like to ensure every member of this community that I will I will be completely unobtrusive. That is, I will not bother anyone in any way, shape, or form (when I do participate in forum discussions I will participate as a Pats' fan and not as someone who is conducting a study). Moreover, all the data I gather can and will remain anonymous unless someone (from this community) states otherwise.

    Well, I think that about covers it. However, if anyone has any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact either through this forum or my e-mail address: whitefrank1980@yahoo.com.

    P.S. I've been (and still am) in Europe for the last few years, so this will be a great opportunity for me to catch up.
  2. Ian

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    Good to have you here. Although don't be unobtrusive - your participation is encouraged and I look forward to reading your posts :)

    Thanks again, - Ian
  3. PATSNUTme

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    I give you permission to use any of my posts or threads, except the really stupid ones or the ones in the Ladies Lounge. If you can find any after putting those limitions for use, you are welcome to refer to my user name.:D
  4. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    My restrictions are slightly more complex.

    It does not bother me if you use my stupid or silly posts or anything in the Ladies Lounge.

    But you may not refer to me by user name on posts in which the number of vowel in my post exceeds the number of consentants or in ones in which the number of smilies exceeds the number of punction marks.

    Otherwise feel free to refer to my user name. :p
  5. fwhite

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    To all,

    Thanks for the warm welcome - you guys are awesome.

    Oh, and don't worry your restrictions will be heeded :).

    Just to clear things up for anybody else that may stumble upon this thread, I don't plan on attaching actual usernames to any posts that I might use (which won't be many). So, every username will remain anonymous.

    Once again, thanks. I look forward to participating in this community.
  6. lurker1965

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    I'm lurker1965. Guess what year I was born.
    I'll post 10 times to be able to read stuff in signatures.:)

    Other than that, what part of "lurker" is hard to understand?:D

  7. fwhite

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    Hello lurker1965,

    My guess is that you were born in 1965 :).

    According to the extant literature on online communities, up to 90% of all members are considered "lurkers". The remaining 10% is deemed the critical mass, which will be the focus of my study. That being said, I am still looking forward to reading your 10 posts anyways :D.

    I actually got sidetracked, so I have not had the opportunity to begin my study yet. In addition, I think I need to use two communities so as to ensure I gather the data required to conduct my analysis. To this end, I will start my analysis as soon as I find another community that I can use in combination with this one.

    Have fun "lurking" ;).
  8. Welcome! New here myself,although i've been visiting for a long time.Try to enjoy yourself along with all the research.
  9. fwhite

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    Thanks, I definitely will. There is a lot of interesting content in this forum, which makes me want to come back home just to watch a Pats game. Low-quality internet streams just don't cut it (plus there is the time difference).
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    Welcome, just joined recently too

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