Health Care reform-unintended consequence?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Patsfanin Philly, Aug 19, 2009.

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    All of us on this forum have read part if not all of the health care reforms

    My reading is that employers will have it provide health care for their employees or have to pay an 8% tax on payroll. Does that mean the employers have to pay the entire premium for the insurance or can they require the employee to contribute? I haven't seen this mentioned and in my places, if not all the employees have to contribute even the smallest amount. It has to require the employer to provide a major portion of ti or else every employer would offer it but not all would pay for it.
    Secondly can the employer say cover the employee and require the employee to pick up 50% of the rest????
    Here's the reason I ask. IF it requires the employer to pay the entire premium, one unintended consequence may be ( and probably will be) discrimination against married people with children. Look at from the employers point of view. If you hire a single person, it costs $350 per month or $4200 per year. Hire a married person with kids and it's $1100 per month or $13.2 K per year, $9000 more. If that is the case, there will be discrimination against anyone married with kids, because it is the rational ( though not the right thing) for an employer to do......
    I don't write this to get flamed but for informational and educational purposes. If anyone knows and can point to a specific page..I'd appreciate it.
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    My POS employer makes me pay $250 a month for my health insurance and it goes up every year, the co-payments have doubled in the last few years, you don't want them running your health insurance believe you me....

    Now when my wife worked for a University, they picked up the entire tab for her, and we paid $10 a month for me, and the coverage and co-pays were much better, of course that was those evil private insurance companies....
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    round and round goes the healthcare debate...

    it's not going to matter one way or the other... privatized or federalized

    meanwhile, more signs of systemic financial collapse hit us every week... the latest? the FDIC is bankrupt...

    once again, with feeling:

    1) we are broke... 2) there IS NO recovery...

    people better consider getting all their check-ups ASAP....

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