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Discussion in 'Red Sox Fan Forum' started by scout, Dec 7, 2013.

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    If you have not seen this one, record and watch it! Some great baseball (actually all sports) stories captured by fans. The show opens with a husband and wife talking about going to a Dodgers game which Gibson hits that home run (pretty good). Then, the story of David Pride hitting a double and getting a standing ovation from the Montreal fans. He didn't hear them because he is deaf. The third base coach walks over to him and tells him to tip his hat, the fans are on their feet. He does, and the fans cheer louder, and louder. This is a really great show.
  2. chicowalker

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    Curtis Pride?
  3. scout

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    Maybe Chico (LOL). Yea, it was Curtis. The fan telling the story brought tears.
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    where is the link?:confused:
  5. scout

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    No link. It's on HBO (I guess sponsored by Sports Illustrated).
  6. scout

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    I recorded this and just played a great Red Sox story. As we all know, prior to 2004 the Red Sox would never win a World Series in our life-time. A man is telling the story about his dad passing in 2001 followed by the epic the 0-3 comeback against the Yankees. During the story, the background is Ortiz's home run, bloop single, and the ultimate triumph. The Sox go on and win the World Series. That night, the guy gets into his car and drives across Boston to visit his dad in the cemetery. He parks the car and scales the stone wall (as he figures it is late and the gate is locked). As he is searches for his dad's plot he is stopped by a Boston cop. The man apologizes and reveals why he's trespassing. The cop says your kidding, look around. The cemetery is full of people visiting their father's graves.

    Wow, can't do the story justice. Hope someone has the catches the show and posts a story.

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