Hazing in Cleveland

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    Way to maintain control Eric.

    BEREA, Ohio (AP)—Cleveland rookie cornerback Coye Francies(notes), incensed over a prank, threw a bucket of ice and at least one errant punch during a skirmish in the Browns’ locker room.

    As the team returned from practice Friday, a soaking-wet Francies, apparently the target of some hazing, stormed into the locker room carrying a water bucket full of ice. Before he could be stopped, Francies tossed the ice on cornerback Brandon McDonald(notes), hitting him with cubes and covering the floor.

    Francies flung some ice in the direction of safety Mike Adams(notes) before heading toward safety Abram Elam’s(notes) corner cubicle. Francies then swung at Elam before Pro Bowl nose tackle Shaun Rogers(notes) grabbed him by the back of the shirt and escorted him out a side door.
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