Have the PATS played anyone yet??

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Cartwright, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Cartwright

    Cartwright On the Game Day Roster

    Found this on a Colts board...thought it was interesting:


    "It's funny....according to Pats fans , we haven't played anybody , therefor they are better than the Colts. FTR- Pats have beaten Buffalo at home, Balt at home, Atlanta at home, Tenn at home and Tampa in London and lost to a solid Denver team and average Jets team.

    While i agree , the Colts need to be tested more(Arizona seems to be very good team and we crushed them on their field in primetime) ,there is no way based on the Pats schedule that they have any room to talk about not beating anybody. Not to mention, they haven't won on the road yet.

    Sometimes it makes you wonder if fans ever think about their own team before discrediting other teams. I know all teams fans do it, but for some crazy reason i thought Pats fans were smarter than that. Really , we are not talking Jags fans here or are we........................................:)

    Teams records The Colts beat 11-26 -............ 423 winning %
    Teams records the Pats beat 10-22 -.......... 454 winning %:"

    Personally- both team (Colts and Pats) are so good on the road that I don't think the Home V. Road games to date make much difference. I suppose it IS nice that 4 of the 6 wins for the Colts have been road wins...but in the end, I'm not so sure it matters.

    We do have a difficult stretch coming up (at least it appears) with Houston/Pats/Ravens/Houston....mix in Denver and Jets toward the end of year, and the back half of the schedule is certainly more of a challenge. Good thing they are off to such a terrific start. Hope teams like Denver, Pitt, and the Pats keep close, so that the Colts are forced to play week 15 and 16. Will be interesting (if it comes to a decision) how Caldwell will handle the last game of year in Buffalo.
  2. Patriot_in_NY

    Patriot_in_NY Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    First off, the math is way off.

    Pats opponents - 20-24 (.454 Winning percentage)
    Colts opponents - 11-26 (.314 Winning percentage)

    So it's clear that so far, the Pats have overall played a more difficult slate of opponents (and it's not even close enough to debate).

    That said, The argument is a reasonable one to make. They have won all their games (as they should have), and we dropped 2 (one to a very good Denver, which is the best opponent by far either team has faced, and another to an inconsistent team that was playing their super bowl :rolleyes: ). Substitute a Chicago, San Fran, Jax team for our Denver game chances are better then even we would have won that game (even how we played that day).

    I don't think either team can really lay claim to say the evidence supports 1 team being "clearly better" then the other. OTOH, it's not a lie to say the Indy has had a cheeseball schedule. Ours has been much harder, but certainly not "killer hard" either, plus we lost a couple of them. Kinda of a toss up there.

    Statistically, both teams are about even in PF and PA against opponents, and given the strength of schedule, I'd say that favors NE over the stretch, plus against real crappy 0-fer teams, we are 2-0 (94-7 points) and they are 2-0 (73-15) and Peyton playing in all 8 quarters of those games and Brady played in 6 (more or less)........ so again, I'd say that certainly favors NE

    But then again, I'm a homer, so you'd expect me to say that.
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  3. Dino 6 Rings

    Dino 6 Rings Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I actually talked a few Steelers fans down after pointing out our 4 wins were over Cleveland, Detroit, Tennessee and San Diego prior to beating the Vikings. Plus 2 road losses are not good to Chicago and Cincy.

    The Vikings win is a big win over a very good team so now we have some breathing room and good idea of our team, plus Denver is up next. Good competition.
  4. Cartwright

    Cartwright On the Game Day Roster

    Ahhh...I missed it too, but the record is for the teams that the PATS have defeated...does NOT include the games in which the Pats lost. I guess the point is, Colts have beaten 6 scrubs, the Pats have beaten 4 scrubs...

    In any event, it is clear that the SOS so far favors the Pats...but not by a large margin. sagarin has PATS at 19 on SOS, Colts at 28.
  5. PatriotWarrior

    PatriotWarrior On the Roster

    Pats beat Atlanta and Baltimore. Atlanta was 2-0 at the time when they played them. Baltimore was 3-0 when the Pats won their game. Baltimore almost came back against a very good Minnesota team on the road. I don't think Atlanta and Baltimore are scrum teams.
  6. KontradictioN

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    The Pats opened their schedule against five straight undefeated teams (four if you don't count Buffalo). What the hell have the Colts gone up against so far? The Cardinals? BWAHAHAHA! We blew the Cardinals out last year (the year they went to the Super Bowl) with MATT CASSEL as our QB. What's so special about the Colts beating the Cardinals?

    Guarantee you that, if the Colts opened up against our first five opponents, they would have at least one loss right now.
  7. Cartwright

    Cartwright On the Game Day Roster

    This is wrong on so many levels...seriously...opened against 5 unbeaten teams? Really?? Bills did an excellent job going into game 1 undefeated..KUDOS..nice comeback...idiot McKelvin...dumber than SAGE last year, at least Sage was trying to make a play, get a first, keep the clock running...Leodis was just plain moronic. OK, game 2, Jets were 1-0..nice win over the Texans...who appear to be much improved over week 1. Game 3, Falcons come in 2-0, against a phins team that gives folks fits, but are still 2-4..and lets add that nice win over the inept Panthers. The Ravens had wins over the hapless Browns and Chiefs...nice road win against SD, great play by Lewis, but the Chargers don't look like they are a playoff threat..still alot of talent, but injuries and a washed up Merriman have them hurting. OK- The donks are a decent team....but as stated before, they don't count in the "records of the teams the Pats beat", because you didn't beat them. Total schedule..yes, Pats has been more difficult to be sure...our schedule has been pretty lame to start...Jags, Cards, Hawks and Titans were all targeted to be better than they have displayed this season. But...on the road, our ***** little Dome team took all that 85 degree heat in Miami could offer, we held the ball for 15 minutes, and we won. On a short week, went out to the defending NFC champs and bottled them up. An impressive two week stretch. Our test is coming in the next 4-5 weeks...we'll see where we are then. As far as the guarantee of a loss against your 5? Who knows, but the Colts have the best road record since '02, and have always put together stretches of quality wins. We've gone into Denver with a weak run D and took care of them (2-3 years ago), we've had the Ravens number as well. But again, who knows...interesting topic for debate....bet your weren't treating Matt Cassell that way last season when he was wining games against the NUMBER ONE WEAKEST SCHEDULE ever :)
  8. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Add the Pats total schedule and the Colts total schedule with the records of the teams SO FAR this season, and the Pats come out on top. There is no doubt whatsoever that our schedule is harder. That Falcons team is now 4-2 and behind only the Saints in their division and that Ravens team almost took out an undefeated Vikings team that gave the world champions fits in their own house. By the way, that Denver team is still 6-0. I did you the favor of taking the Bills out in my first post since they were technically undefeated, but shouldn't have been considered that way.

    Our opening schedule has been absolutely, positively, 100% harder than the Colts' opening schedule was. If you want to make an argument for the past two weeks then you can have it. The Colts have had the harder schedule at that point. However, you would then have to look ahead to November. The Pats November schedule is MURDEROUS, while the Colts only have one really hard game (which is, ironically, against the Pats). Enjoy your cupcake schedule. God knows the Pats enjoyed theirs last year.
  9. workhorse

    workhorse Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    The Colts have played three primetime games on the road, including a Monday night @ Miami followed by @ Arizona the next Sunday. They have only played 2 home games.

    Who has New England beat?
    Atlanta? Who is their best win against? SF or Chicago???
    Baltimore? Losers of 3 in a row and they beat KC, SD, and Cleveland.

    Don't give my this "last year" story. Everyone knows that there are only a handful of teams that are the same year in and year out.

    Which team is it that you think would have been a guaranteed loss for the Colts?
  10. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Denver FTW. Do you honestly believe the Colts have a harder schedule than the Pats do? Take all the teams you play against, add up the current wins and losses, and then do the same for the Pats. The Pats pretty clearly have the harder SOS. The hardest team you've played against so far is Arizona, a team that would get beat by any of Baltimore (who nearly took out undefeated Minnesota... in Minny), Atlanta (who is a pretty good team), and Denver (who is 6-0).

    By the way, you guys should have lost to Miami. You got lucky that their secondary is the closest thing to a strainer and allowed you 20 points in a shade over one quarter of play. :eek: And, by the way, that doesn't say anything about how good the Colts are. It says everything about just how BAD Miami's secondary is.
  11. Cartwright

    Cartwright On the Game Day Roster

    So the Colts should be 5-1, and the Pats 4-3. Fine with me.
    The thing that is odd is you like to bring up history when it suits your point, but totally disregard it when speaking of the Colts. These guys have proven their mettle year in and year out. Beat an undefeated Bronco team a few years ago in a raucus mile high. Last season, @ Pitt, then 2 weeks later @ SD, more impressive than a team walking into Mile High and beating a somewhat over rated Donks team, that 's for sure.

    The thing that many Pats fans don't seem to get is that INDY has actually IMPROVED their roster over last season.
    Lilja is back, Johnson is settling in nicely at LT. The young receivers have made up for any perceived deficiency at WR, the DT position is much more stout. Freeney is further removed from Lis Franc, and the secondary is very deep. LB'er is probably the weakest spot. But regardless, they have IMPROVED, not regressed, like any Pats fan would hope for.
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  12. BostonRedskin

    BostonRedskin Banned

    I dont see why this Colts fan should be knocking who the Patriots have played. The Patriots might have got lucky week 1 but that still doesnt take away from the fact that they beat a division rival with a insane comeback. No game week 1 is a gimme. The Pats lost in NY to the Jets week 2. It was a tough game against a pretty good team and another rival. That said Wes Welker didnt play. Welker hurt was a big blow for the Patriots in that game.

    Next the Pats put up back to back wins vs probable playoff teams Atlanta and Baltimore. At the time the Falcons were 2-0 and the Ravens were 3-0. Then the Pats lose a close one in Denver (a hard place for any team to play) to a team that has shocked the NFL (and me) and look like a Super Bowl contender.

    Finally the Pats won their last 2 games. The first vs the Titans. They havent won a game but they have played well in most of their games. The Pats won 59-0. Anytime you beat a team 59-0 its impressive. In their last game NE goes overseas and spanks a bad Buc team 35-7.

    Bottom line the only team imo that was a easy win was the Bucs. When you look at the Colts yes they do have top talent. At the sametime its easy to see their schedule has been weak. The only team the Colts have played that might be a possible playoff team is the Cardinals.

    Pats - Jets, Falcons, Ravens, Broncos
    Colts - Cardinals

    We will find out who really is better week 10. I cant wait. :D The key might come down to who is the more battle tested team. So far that is easily New England.
  13. workhorse

    workhorse Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I didn't say the Colts had a harder schedule, but the Patriots haven't beat anyone tougher than those on the Colts schedule.

    Man don't give me that crap about Miami. The Colts offense was on fire most of the night. Regardless of how good or bad a defense is, the offense still has to execute. If that would have been the Patriots winning instead of the Colts, you would be talking about how precise and efficient the offense was. But since it was that Colts, it was just Miami being bad.

    Arizona just went into Giants stadium and played pretty damn well. Miami was whooping up on the Saints until they fell apart in the 4th.
  14. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

    No Jersey Selected

    First of all, your own fellow Colts fan has been kind enough to remind us that last year doesn't matter. So what is the point of bringing up the 2008 Colts beating Pitt and a very overrated San Diego team within two weeks of each other? If you get to talk about that, do I get to talk about how the Pats had the Colts dead to rights, WITH A BACK-UP QB THAT HADN'T PLAYED SINCE HIGH SCHOOL, until a brainfart penalty by a guy who is no longer on the team? Didn't think so. :rolleyes:

    Second, it makes me :rofl: that you consider the Broncos overrated. Their defense speaks for itself. Just wait until they roll into Indy (oh yeah, that's right, Indy is playing the majority of their tough teams, however few that may be, at home this season) and show you that defense. I thought they were overrated too until the Pats played them. On top of that defense, you have a Josh McDaniels Patriot-esque attack that you guys have traditionally had trouble stopping. Regardless of whether or not you guys win that game (which I don't think you will), please feel free to come back and tell us all how overrated they were. If they are so overrated, then you guys shouldn't have any trouble blowing them out right?

    They have definitely improved at WR. Garcon is good and so is the other rookie that they have. However, I wouldn't get too excited about your defense. The highest ranked offense that you guys have faced is ranked 11th, and that is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The second highest after that is the Dolphins and Cardinals, sitting at 15th and 18th respectively. The Dolphins are there because of their run offense which, once again, shredded your defense as bad as anything I've ever seen. The Cardinals are there because of what they have done lately compared with who they have faced as well. Compare that to the Pats who have faced offenses ranked #5 (Ravens), #9 (Broncos), and #16 (Jets). Not to mention that, within the next month or so, we will be facing the #4 ranked offense (Indy) and then the #1 ranked offense (New Orleans) within two weeks of each other. And please take notes, Cartwright, that is THIS year.
  15. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

    No Jersey Selected

    Read my last post to Cartwright. It is pretty obvious that we have beaten people tougher than those on your schedule. But keep pretending if it makes you happy. Oh, and by the way, you guys keep pointing to Tennessee and Tampa Bay to make your point about how our schedule isn't that much tougher than your's is. Well chew on this: you guys played the Titans, then came out of your bye and played the Rams. Two 0-fer teams as well. Personally, I think the Bucs would beat the Rams if they played, but that's just me. Face it, your schedule outside of a couple of games (one of them being against us) is VERY weak.

    You seem to have trouble comprehending that the Colts offense was only on fire because of the defense you guys faced. Miami has the 19th ranked pass defense having allowed well over 1,000 yards already this season. They are awful. And when the Patriots beat the Dolphins, I'll temper my enthusiasm just as much as I did the past couple of weeks. And when you draw a comparison like "but since it was the Colts, it was just Miami being bad", you seem to forget that Miami is a hated division rival and you guys are not... anymore, anyway.

    By the way, here is the statistical links that I have been using. They might help you guys out: NFL Stats: Team
  16. Cartwright

    Cartwright On the Game Day Roster

    it would be interesting to see what you had to say a few years ago when the Pats were crushing all their weak opponents, starting with their own weak Division. Or last year, about your monumentally weak schedule. I agree, our schedule has been soft so far. I do think team like Jags, Phins, amd Cardinals are quality wins...oh, BTW, tell me the last time you guys went TO Miami in September?

    Bottom line is, our SOS doesn't matter, 6 straight years of 12 wins...they have proven their mettle...now...if they can just do it again in the postseason :)
  17. Cartwright

    Cartwright On the Game Day Roster

    Denver? Blow them out? I don't know...but again, Bengals (lucky win), Browns, Raiders and Boys aren't necessarily what I would base my argument on.
  18. BostonRedskin

    BostonRedskin Banned

    I thought the Broncos sucked before the season, then I thought they were overrated, now I have to admit they are contenders.

    Wins at Bengals, vs Cowboys, vs Patriots, and at Chargers show me they are the real deal.

    After that Charger game I dont see how anyone can say the Broncos are still overrated sitting at 6-0.
  19. Cartwright

    Cartwright On the Game Day Roster

    So all the sudden the Bengals Boys and Chargers are world beaters, really?? Chargers still have some in the tank on offense with Jackson and Rivers, but the Center and the Nose tackle, along with Merriman have them regressing. And although I think Norv is a good O Coordinator, you can tell he is starting to slip...just like Switzer when he took over JJ's job. Wade Phillips? Romo? Nah.
  20. BostonRedskin

    BostonRedskin Banned

    The Bengals are a solid team. They might not be great but right now they are 5-2 and tied for first in the AFC North.

    The Cowboys (4-2) have alot of talent on both sides of the football. Their only losses have been close games to the 5-2 Giants and 6-0 Broncos. They very easily could be 6-0. The Boys shoot themselves in the foot too much. They have as much talent as any team in the NFL.

    The Chargers (3-3) have a top 5 QB in Rivers and talent on both sides of the football. Maybe they arent as good as they have been in years past. That said the Broncos walked into San Diego and beat a team on MNF that beat them 52-21 their last year.

    The Broncos have shown over these 6 games that they have enough talent to win the AFC West and make a deep run into the playoffs. If the Colts sleep on the Broncos like you are they will soon realize what the real deal is my friend.
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