Hard year for this sports fan

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Tpd122, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Tpd122

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    being a new yorker(born in ct), its bad, very bad, I've been a pats fan since
    they drafted givens, and this has been a tough year, the yanks, yes, I root for the yankees fell short.

    It doesn't help that I pull for the Knicks when I happen to watch basketball. That said i hope that Charlie Weis has learned from what the pats have done.

    that said, the patriots are a phenomenal team. I've been on Patsfans for a while now, and seeing that my school is the alma-mater of Mara, I need support from this board. Draft day better come fast! Go Pats!
  2. cupofjoe1962

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    We have gone from wallking on clouds to remembering the dark days of 1986 when the ball went between Buckners legs.

    I believe I recovered faster in 1986, but then again I was a lot younger in 1986.

    After the Sunday loss I said that the loss in the 2006 AFC Championship game was tougher because the refs played a major roll in that game. I also have a deep hatred for all things Colts related !

    Two days later, I know I bounced back quicker last year.
    If things are not bad enough I have to keep hearing about this bitter Walsh kid who has a vendetta against the Patriots. Nothing good is going to come of Arlen Spector snooping around for anything anti Patriots.

    We need to look on the bright side (not an easy task today).

    The Red Sox are going to be breaking camp within a month. They have
    a great team that has a real good chance of winning their division and
    we know they are not going to go undefeated.

    The Celtics may actually win a couple of rounds in the playoffs and
    you never know what can happen in the playoffs.

    As of today Vegas has the Patriots a 2-1 favorite to win the 2008 superbowl.

    It could be worse..... Imagine being a fan in Miami ....
  3. cupofjoe1962

    cupofjoe1962 In the Starting Line-Up

    A day later... and the hurt continues !
  4. Tpd122

    Tpd122 Rookie

    Hopefully I too can recover quickly, but thing is I'm a die hard yanks fan, and I'm not really a nba fan, but the knicks are who I root for. Hearing the 2-1 Odds is reassuring.

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