Hand-delivering this week's PRAYER for Pats/Eagles...

Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by patsox23, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Dear Lord:

    We are gathered, once again, in your presence, to ask for guidance and for you to watch over our favorite warriors, the New England Patriots, who will enter into a battle of gigantic proportion on the Gridiron at Gillette Stadium this weekend.

    It has been a long and grueling season, thus, far and our warriors have performed brilliantly, guided by your hand in allowing their talents to come forth in magical ways.

    And now, now we are here once again, to ask that you look over them, once again, and that you give them the guidance, and the capability, to take their talents, those that you have, in your greatness, given to them. Let them take those talents and use them to the maximum, to the maximum that their strength and their intelligence will allow.

    Guide them to do what is right, and in the end, to come away from the contest without sustaining any injury of serious nature.

    And, as we always do, we ask that you protect their adversary this week, the Philadelphia Eagles, from serious injury, and that when the contest has ended, that they, as well as all of those in presence at the game, that they all return to their abode in a healthy, and safe, manner.

    We thank you for listening, and as it always has been, in your name we all shall say..............AMEN

    http://www.quigif.com/images_gifs/personnages/bonhommes/bonhommes (15).gif

    ~ NEM (for some reason can't post in here, has not been told that he is "banned" or anything, so I am presuming it's permissible to post this.)
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