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    I remember Hakim Akbar and the fact that he didn't play in the 2001 SB but I don't remember his car accident. He seems to be doing well.


    Hakim Akbar was told he’d never play football again now he is ready to be reborn. During his 2001 rookie season with the New England Patriots, the linebacker was driving home after another victory for the eventual Super Bowl champions. Before he reached his destination that night, Akbar dozed off behind the wheel of his Cadillac Escalade and rolled it into a ditch off the freeway. He was thrown 30 ft. through the sunroof. “I ended up in the woods and I could see my truck way over a long way away,†said Akbar, who’s attending the Calgary Stampeders’ training camp.
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    “I ended up in the woods and I could see my truck way over a long way away,â€

    Now that's a long way. :D
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    "I'm looking for my son, Hakim!"

    I can remember thinking back then that Akbar & Milloy were going to be a bad-@$$ safety tandem for years to come!

    Guess that shows what I know!

    Welcome to the Harrison-Wilson Show!
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    Akbar had character concerns when he entered the 2001 draft out of Washington (5th round). As I recall, Akbar was suspended by the team during Super Bowl week in 2001 for disciplinary reasons.
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