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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by wyobilzfan, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Read your board from time to time and find it to be a well moderated board. I'm a native WNYer who moved to Wyoming (via many other states in the west) 20 years ago. I once participated in another Patriots forum some years ago, but found it to be moderated capriciously, and with the exception of a couple of participants/moderator was not a very pleasant experience.

    I have been a moderator on the official Buffalo Bills Message Board for ten years, so I'm quite aware of how difficult it is to moderate message boards, particularly one for a team that hasn't sniffed the playoffs for more than a decade.

    Won't ever claim to be a fan of the Patriots, especially after the losing streak to your team that thankfully ended this season (the highlight of our season). However, I'm curious to participate here, especially puzzled by the mind boggling negative media coverage about a team that has been so successful over the years.

    The only words of comfort (which I realize are probably useless here) I can offer is that I doubt any of you can relate to losing four Super Bowls in a row, and the depths of despair of a franchise whose fans wake up every day wondering if the owner is still alive... and if the team is about to be moved to a more "affluent" area.

    As heart breaking as your SB loss was this past week, and despite how many Bills fans (including myself) are envious to the point of irrationality at times, any real football fan has respect for what your franchise has accomplished over the last decade plus.

    So, the only thing I can offer here is as bad as it feels to get to the dance and lose by such a close margin... "wide right" to the Giants will be scarred in my brain for life. LOL, as many Patriots fans have reminded me, it could always be worse for them, they could be Bills fans.

    You're team will be the class of the AFC East until proven otherwise, which I will not deny I hope is coming soon.

    No one knows the pain of losing more than a life long Buffalo Bills fan.

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    Thanks for dropping by to say hello - always enjoyable to me if there are reasonable fans from other AFC East teams present on the boards.

    I will admit though that I'm a little unsure what to think about your mouth/Bills avatar thing there...
  3. wyobilzfan

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    LOL... it's been my avatar for ten years, and it has history. If you look closely, it's really a picture of a toilet (taken from a Maxim magazine). The "meaning" behind it is "potty mouth Bills fan".

    I tend to shock people with my cussing (probably from a lifetime of being a Bills fan, lol)... so the potty mouth thing is my personal icon.

    'Hear' you about not minding "reasonable" fans from other message boards. Having moderated the official board for the Bills for a decade, I've dealt with all kinds. We have a couple of regular really nice Patriots fans who participate on our board. One guy shocks us because he ONLY posts on our board, which most of us find kind of strange. He's very polite and quite knowledgeable.

    Must say we've never had a Jets fan that lasted more than about a week, lol.

    And Fin fans? Used to have one who was a fun regular, but usually just drive-by fans when the Bills play them.

    As far as SBs go, this one I thought was a good one to watch, at least from the perspective of a fan that had no particular affiliation with either team. It was a well played game, and not the blowouts that become boring to watch (or heart wrenching in my case like the Bills last SB loss to the Cowgirls).

    I think if the Packers would have beaten the Jints, the Patriots would have won. Tom Coughlin seems to have the Patriots number.
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    Yeah I dunno about Green Bay this year, but suffice to say that in 2007 I was deeply aggravated when Favre threw his last interception in the green and gold - I really doubt the Favre lead Packers could've won XLII... Alas these are all invalid points.

    Yes, it was a good game, lots of edge of your seat action and some soon to be legendary dramatics (for the Giants, of course...)

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