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    Hi all!

    I'm Casper. 22 and from the Netherlands.
    Pretty much new to the game. Had last years SB on the tv in the background. Didn't follow the game that well. Was rooting for the Packers a bit, back then.

    This year my interest returned around the time of the AFC/NFC Championship games. Commence rooting for the Pats on one side and hoped the 49ers would beat the Giants. Sadly they don't broadcast those games on the BBC so I followed them on the NFL website. Suffice to say I followed the SB more than I did last year. I was instantly hooked, both on the game and the Pats. Although my understanding of the rules and such isn't up to par compared to you guys. For example why they'd let NY score the winning touchdown. After the SB I learned them a bit on NFL 360.

    So here I am, despite the loss looking forward to the next season!
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    Welcome! Glad to have a fan on board. I'm glad that despite the lost, people still appreciate the Patriots. Some "so-called" fans decided that they no longer wanted to root for the Patriots after the SB loss (In the heat of the moment or emotional response probably). And glad that some bandwagoners aren't flocking to the Giants.

    And agreed! Hopefully the Pats win the SB next year.
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