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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Drewwho, Jan 16, 2007.

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    Hi guys...just got to China. I had to leave first thing on Monday so I am missing the post game stuff. What a GREAT game. I AM going to miss the AFC Championship game but will try to get as much information as I can here in won't be easy - definitley won't be televised so I am hoping the internet works great that morning.

    It could have been a longer flight over here if we had lost that one, especially if it was that close, but I slept like a baby on that 16 hour flight. I have no idea of what to expect in this next game. I know Brady will play better - or I should say more consistent since he did pull it out. Amazing how he had to throw 51 times and we had only 23 yards rushing - 6 of which were his yards. However, what about Manning? I think he is due for a great game. He has had 5 ints in his last 2 games and I just think he is going to be deadly in this game. That being said, I feel that it is time for the Colts D to come back down to earth.

    I must say, I am convinced that Michael Holley knows something about this team. He has had some good picks this year. Has he made his pick on this game yet or is that later in the week. He has been scary dead on this year...I am curious to know what his thoughts are.
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    Good luck in Red China, and hurry back.

    I don't know about Holley's picks, but the plan is simple: Keep the Dolts out of the end zone; force them to attempt FGs, instead.
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    Are you sure it isn't televised? A lot of Asia is seeing the game on ESPN Asia. Check out the bars or hotels. I'm almost sure they'll have it live.

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