Greatest Opportunites For Free Agents

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mgteich, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. mgteich

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    At what positions is a free agent form another team most likely to make the 53 man squad? How many do you expect to make the squad?

    I think RB, OT, and WR/PR are the most likely. They would be trying to beat out Faulk, LeVoir/Maneri and Edelman. Also, Kaczur's health is still a question mark.

    Also, it is possible that White, Page and/or G. Warren returns.
    We can always hope for an OLB, but I think Belichick expects Moore to be a contributer.

    QB - 3 Brady, Hoyer, Mallett
    RB - 4 Green-Ellis, Woodhead, Vareen, Ridley
    C - 2 Koppen, Wendell
    G - 3 Mankins, Cannon/Ohrnberger, Connolly
    OT - 4 Solder, Vollmer, Kaczur, Levoir/Maneri
    WR - 5 Welker, Branc, Tate, Edelman, Price
    TE - 3 Gronkowski, Hernandez, Crumpler/Smith
    #25 - 1 Smith/Faulk
    DE - 3 Ty Warren, Stroud, Wright
    NT - 1 Wilfork
    DL - 3 Brace, Pryor, Love/Deaderick
    ILB– 4 Mayo, Guyton, Spikes, Fletcher
    OLB- 4 Banta-Cain, Ninkovich, Cunningham, Moore/Murrell/Carter
    CB - 4 Bodden, McCourty, Arrington, Wilhite/Butler
    S - 3 Meriweather, Sanders, Chung
    CB/S -1 Dowling
    P - 1 Mesko
    K - 1 Gostkowski
    LS - 1 Katula
    ST 2 Slater, Brown/Barrett/Page/Williams
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  2. Sciz

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    Easily tackle. If Light is gone and Kaczur is released, the competition is Mark LeVoir, who lost his backup job to Quinn Ojinaka last year, and Steve Maneri, who was a practice squader. There are quite a few guys who have starting experience on other teams and would make an ideal 3rd tackle for the Pats.

    There's plenty of talent at RB, but the biggest thing is that the rookies need to learn the playbook. I feel like there's no point in adding a vet when he'd be in the same boat as a presumably more talented rookie.
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    Would love to see any premier addition at OLB or DE. Maybe a Ray Edwards or Matt Roth for OLB or Barry Cofield for the DL? Highly unlikely. A guy like Manny Lawson is probably more likely.

    OL is dependent on what is done with Kaczur/Light. If Light is gone, they'd probably need another OT.

    I think there is a need at WR, but I don't expect a Holmes/Rice/Floyd type of signing. Branch struggled to separate vs man coverage at times last year and is only getting older. Tate/Price/Edelman have not really shown an ability to consistently contribute outside the #'s, although I still love Tate's upside. I wouldn't be opposed to taking a flier on Plax, although most on this board seem to be against it.
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