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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MoLewisrocks, Oct 8, 2007.

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    (on limiting Randy Moss to 3 catches for 46 yards)
    "They have quite a few weapons and you have to try to pick your poison a little bit against these guys. Moss has been killing people and we didn’t want him to kill us, so we died by the hands of somebody else."

    This is what the sky is falling if we don't totally dominate every series crowd failed to appreciate about todays game. Belichick said they hadn't expected Cleveland to take the committed approach of doubling Moss and limiting Welker. So it necessitated a game long adjustment, but one we have the weapons to handle even on the fly. Just took some time to shake the cobwebs off and get Stallworth and Watson heavily involved and consistently executing. That makes this game all the more significant going forward since they were doing that without Maroney and with Faulk lost for much of the second half and almost expectedly flat coming off a big MNF game and a short practice week.

    If Maroney can stay healthy once he gets back on the field there will just be too many options for any team to handle. They will only continue to build rapore, but they can now do it on talent alone from the get go. Quit nitpicking it and embrace and enjoy it. Dallas is gonna have their hands full on a short week.
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    I totally agree with you...:rocker:
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    The Pats depth is pretty impressive indeed... only hope it stays that way for the whole season.

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