Great Game, Good Season, GoodNight...(READ)

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    Every pat and colt gets a huge round of applause...Even tho we lost, I play football and I am a huge fan of the game, and that my friends was just a flat out great game... We now see Brady is just as much of a big time players as everyone around him, We need to get him some legit- proven weapons this off-season. As I have stated before (and got flamed for I might add) LB-- Love bruschi but we are getting old and slow at that poistion and we just CANT hang with the younger faster Stronger Offenses anymore. I am still a huge patriots fan, and have no doubt next season we will be back in it, 100%.

    Brown--- You are my idol, and went down swinging like the true f***in player you are man. You deserve the honors of being one the best football players in my lifetime so far, but you wont get those honors because of your stats. TRUE fans know your value for a team.. Hopefully ur back, if your not, Troy Brown---you were something special to watch, goodluck.

    Colts-- Hell of a game, the team who wanted it more at the end of the game got it done, congrats and represent the AFC well. I dont feel bad, because now that it is over and done with, I can say officially...(gulp) Peyton Manning doesnt deserve to be in the same cateogry as Dan Marino, He is truley a great QB and deserrves to be on top.(even if it is once)

    Brady--- bad season? bad shoulder? Bad receivers, pissed about ur ex girl or branch--whatever it is, your still showed me atleast ur your balls were made of cold steel and your still one of the up this offseason, and get your head,shoulders, whatever it is-back into next season (i know u will)

    Asante-- If your not wearing a pats jersey next season, I might start looking into a new hobby on sundays

    Ellis Hobbs -- hahaha enough said.... You my friend..are someting special, who is doubted by all..keep the hustle will all pay off.**NOTE..that "phantom" PI call in the endzone, wasnt phantom at all, his head wasnt looking for the ball and was concentrated on the receiver not on the qb, yet he still tried to make a play, trying to make a play on the balll without following it with ur head results in PI everytime. Good call on the ref.

    Gaffney-Caldwell-- Stay aboard will ya, some good compliments if CJ every comes around or a main WR is picked up this offseason

    Grahambo--please stay?

    O-line-- matt light needs to be replaced..everyone else :rocker:

    Pats Fans-- All bandwagoners leave now please...All real fans, no real football fan can deny it..we are damn good.

    Charger fans--- didnt you get elimanted last week? werent u suppose to be watching the PGA or something?
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    Great post, agree with everything!!!

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