Great article on the chargers and their fans

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by The Dude, Jan 12, 2007.

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    dumb and already been covered here.

    Reasonable Pats fan have already said that there is nothing wrong with the ticket thing and in fact most teams do the same. Reasonable Pats fans have also already said here that there is nothing wrong with a rally.

    go ahead and call some of our fans dumb, no problem. Feel free to check our message board for trolling NE fans of similiar caliber. All teams have em.

    but the ticket thing and the rally are pretty damn lame things to get bothered about.
  3. The Dude

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    It sure got an angry response out of you. The truth must hurt.
  4. tssd888

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    I don't feel angry and the response doesn't read angry. Rock on buddy. You are a piece of work. While I may disagree with some Pats fans analysis and opinions as they do with are the only one here that I find to be a total joke.:rocker:
  5. The Dude

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    I am a joke because I am not reigstered on someone elses fan forum in an attempt to stir up trouble or I am a joke because the truth hurts and you have no valid response?

    Which is it? I would post statistical facts for you but then you just might insult me and clam up like you do in all of your other threads :D
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  6. Flying Fungi

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    careful--the chargers are healthy now, so the fans are therefore better
  7. tssd888

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    I'm done with you here and I'm done with you in the other thread. You are unreasonable. By the kind of logic you use I can say that Brady is a horrible QB based solely on the Miami game. "The Dude" is my first person placed on ignore. Don't get hurt when I don't respond to future posts of yours because I won't be able to see them. Take care buddy.
  8. The Dude

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    Take your football and go home little boy :D
  9. slymer

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    Nothing wrong with having a rally. I went to the one before the Denver game at House of Blues. Had a great time, took the day off work. Started drinking at 6:00 am with a bunch of other Charger fans. Good times!
  10. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    Honestly, Dude, you are a joke because your threads are dumb and you are trying to stir up trouble.

    None of us care for a couple of the trolls this week, but some of the Bolts fans here are behaving themselves. I think your threads don't really reflect much intelligent thought processing. Such as suggesting that Rivers is going to leave the game in the second quarter. That is a prediction sure to go wrong.

    You are making us all look dumb. Please refrain from posting silly threads.
  11. The Dude

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    I was making a joke about rivers but obviously your brain is too small to comprehend that. As for making you look dumb, I think intelligent posts like these do you enough justice:

    YAAAAY you :rocker:
  12. tssd888

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    we have our share of "The Dudes" also. He reminds me of the fan at the game who just yells and cusses and says he's going to kick your ass when he sees a fan wearing the opposing jersey. Meanwhile he's barely even paying attention to the game. I think we all know the kind of fan I'm talking about. It's so much nicer now that I can't hear what he's saying.
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  13. The Dude

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    I thought you left :D

    Watch out or I will post more statistical facts to make you freeze up :bricks:
  14. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Telling an individual troll to fvck off after he has accused us all of being racists is a specific action against one individual. It is a warranted response to a guy that came here to cause touble, much like you have. I am not calling out all fans of their franchise in a new thread title, I am correctly telling an individual racist scumbag to go elsewhere and accuse some other city of being racist.

    As far as Manning, I fail to see what the problem is. We all joke around, you just happen to think you are such the life of the party that we are all going to gather around the campfire to read your stupid threads.

    I have started two threads total in the time I have been at this site, because I am not seeking attention by being a fool, like you are. Any thread I start will have a clear point, and 99% of the responses will not be telling me I am an idiot, which is exactly what multiple posters have spelled out for you. And if 99% of the posters tell me I am an idiot, I will reconsider my strategy instead of digging my hole deeper like you seem to enjoy.
  15. The Dude

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    Wow a bunch of 15 year olds from their parent's basements in Mass and San Diego think I am an idiot.

    I am deeply hurt now.

    In the meantime please post more of your oneline wisdom like manningchokeonballs so we can all enjoy what this forum is all about.

  16. Pujo

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    Nothing wrong with them having a rally, it's an excuse to drink!

    I don't like the tickets thing, but if the shoe was on the other foot we'd be praising the Pats for being inventive and getting every possible advantage they can. It's not the factor that will decide the game anyway.

    No need to fight, we're all football fans.

    PS: Every team has their stupid fans. When I went to GB earlier this year, the people were the nicest I've encountered anywhere. We had a great time with Packers fans all weekend, just shooting the sh!t about football. But then there was this one woman at the game, complete trash, who kept yelling "break his legs!" whenever Brady was taking the snap. Almost every Green Bay fan in the section turned to me at a point and said "Sorry, she doesn't speak for all of us!"
  17. TomBrady'sGoat

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    wow, here's a twist. first time this week i've added a pats fan to the ignore list.

    that thing's getting crowded.

    tssd888, you have to admit that SD fans have gone a little nuts this year and that many clueless bandwagoners are making the group look bad.
  18. The Dude

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    Don't you wish you had an ignore list when you kept getting beat up in school? :singing:
  19. Pujo

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    If you're not gonna make friends, why hang out at a messageboard? Seems frustrating to constantly argue, no? Guess the pressure of waiting for Sunday gets to everyone at some point... just relax and have a beer.
  20. The Dude

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    I could care less what some charger trolls ( who will be gone come monday) and some whiny over sensitive 80lb pats fans think. There are enough REAL fans on this board to peak my interest.

    As for the whinetards that call themselves pats fans picking the chargers to win, go root for the Giants and leave Pats Nation forever
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