Graham Felt Underused

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  1. signbabybrady

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    March 4th, 2007
    Graham felt underused
    Posted by John Tomase at 11:25 pm

    Interesting story in yesterday’s Rocky Mountain News by Lee Rasizer, who caught up with Patriots tight end Daniel Graham.

    Graham, not surprisingly, feels like the Patriots pigeon-holed him as a blocker who couldn’t catch, a characterization Graham disputes.

    “My biggest concern going into the market is how teams are going to use me,” Graham admitted. “I feel like all of my talents weren’t being used up in New England. I wanted to catch more balls than I did up there. So I’m exploring which teams are going to give me an opportunity to do that.”

    Graham shuts the door on a return to the Patriots in the story as well. It’s worth a read.
  2. DaBruinz

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    Well, i am not sure I'd say that Graham was UNDER-USED. On the contrary, I think that Graham was OVER-USED as a blocker because the OTs we had in Ashworth and Gorin were barely adequate.

    When a team is having to constantly use 4 OTs year in and year out, there is no consistency. With no consistency, you have to have help for the OTs and that is what Graham was asked to do.

    I don't blame Graham for leaving and not wanting to be here, especially when the injury concerns at RT continue to be an issue.
  3. Crazy Patriot Guy

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    I don't see where Graham says he was labeled a blocker who couldn't catch by the Patriots, I think Tomase is putting words in his mouth. All Graham is saying is that he was asked to block more than he would have liked. The Patriots did this because of his incredible blocking skills, not because they feared his receving abilities.
  4. hwc

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    If Graham were consistently getting open, don't you think Tom Brady would have thrown the ball at him more often?

    I actually think that one of the big disappointments with the offense this year was how infrequently a TE caught a little dump pass in traffic, ala Ben Coates. Considering that we were starting two 1st round picks at TE, we really didn't get much production in the passing game.
  5. 2 a point, I can agree with him...
  6. signbabybrady

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    Ben Coates is probably the best TE in Pats history and was one of the best in the league for a couple of years, so while I hope Watson could unseat him to say big dissapointment because he or graham are not that good might be overstating it.
  7. fgssand

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    We will still be able to start two #1 draft choices at TE!!
  8. PATRIOT64

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    You probably never saw Russ Francis play...He was pretty darn good too!
  9. Fencer

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    He's marketing himself. Nobody should blame him for saying those things.
  10. BelichickFan

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    As much as Bledsoe loved to throw to the TE, Brady doesn't seem to.

    Graham can say whatever he wants, the goal was to win; if the coaches thought his role, as it was, was best for helping the team win then it shouldn't have been a problem.
  11. hwc

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    I'll leave it up to the coaching staff to analyze and dissect the reasons. I was just observing that we really didn't get much production from the TEs in the passing game. Watson was pretty solid with, I think, 47 catches. Graham was invisible with 21.
  12. pats63

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    Dan is trying to market himself not just a blocking TE...I hope Dan gets the best deal possible for him....As long it is in the nfc:D
  13. JackPMiller

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    I know how he feels. I am always underused. Just kidding.
  14. sebman2112

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    Another interview Graham said he wanted to be the featured TE, and more of a pass catcher, so this is not news to me. I've expected Graham to be gone for a long time now.
  15. zippo59

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    I think teams viewed Watson as our most dangerous receiving threat so he was really beat up on and hand cuffed. If we get a little more production out of our wide receivers then I think it will really open up the middle of the field for Watson and Thomas.
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  16. Patriot_in_NY

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    I may be the only one that feels this way, but outside his great blocking skills (which are quite formitable), I've always been a little underwhelmed by DG. Particularly as it relates to his durability.

    I wouldn't say I'm happy he's gone at all, but I wouldn't say I'm crushed either, particularly at the money he wants/expects. I think TOB (the other Brady) will do fine in his role, as the line should start to stablize more shouldn't need as much help. I'm content with Watson and Thomas catching balls at TE too (so long as Watson stops dropping em; right after :rolleyes: ).
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  17. cubedoggy

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    Yup. Part of the reason why Graham was supplanted as a receiving TE was that he dropped A LOT of balls early in his career; I know he worked on it, but while it was happening, he turned into a solid blocking TE.

    If he'd put it all together sooner, he'd've had the catches, and maybe Watson would've gone elsewhere.

    I, for one, wish Dan well, but am not upset at the outcome.
  18. PromisedLand

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    Yup - I'll never forget how Howard Kosell always called him the "All World Tight End". Now THERE was a tight end with good hands.

    I've seen far too many klunk off of Graham like he was wearing oven mitts - the fact that he feels underutilized as a pass catcher (if indeed he does) is a bit laughable - had he not had such an inconsistent career in New England you can be sure he would have been thrown to more often.
  19. TruthSeeker

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    Yeah, the whole thing is strange. Graham was known as an EXCELLENT receiving TE in college, in fact I'm pretty sure he won the John Mackey award as the best TE in college prior to the draft.

    2001 Receiving Statistics
    Receptions Receiving Yards Yards Per Reception Touchdowns
    61 842 13.8 7

    He never came near that kind of production in the NFL, with 38 catches being his career best.
  20. JoeSixPat

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    Is anyone surprised that a player, going into free agency recognized as an exceptional blocker with disappointing offensive numbers would be going out of his way to justify his low pass production?

    I don't doubt he may genuinely be disappointed with his lack of involvement as a pass catcher - I know I am - but these comments are about getting the highest contract possible. And I don't fault him for that either.

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